Information about the Internship Program

Student Eligibility Requirements

Students who wish to enroll in the Internship Program must meet certain requirements, which are put in place to ensure that companies receive the best possible students.

Eligibility is based on the following:

  1. All students are required to be full-time undergraduate students who will be returning to their studies at the end of their internship
  2. Students must be enrolled in either Bachelor of Science (Agricultural and Environmental Sciences), Bachelor of Science (Food Science) or Bachelor of Engineering (Bioresouce)
  3. Students must have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 or higher

Program Facts

The program requires that each student be placed in their internship for a minimum of 10 weeks or more, working 35 hours a week.

Prior to each student intern starting their placement, an email will be sent to the intern’s supervisor at the company/industry outlining the internship program, supplying information about the evaluations and important dates.

Employers that host Macdonald interns are also asked to complete a mid-term and final evaluation of the student. The mid-term evaluation will take place halfway through the student placement. Additionally, should schedules and distance allow, the Internship Officer will try to visit each student in their internship placement and review the mid-term evaluation with them and their employer. At the end of the internship, a final evaluation will be sent to the employer for completion.

Both the mid-term and final evaluations are tools used by the Internship Office to help assess the progress of the student intern. In order to ensure the internship is a good fit for both parties, the evaluations are necessary.

Interested in getting involved or want to learn more about the Bieler Family Internship Program?

  • Please feel free to contact the Internship Officer, Mehek Mehta by phone (514) 398-7924 or by mehek [dot] mehta [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email)
  • If you have an internship job posting that you would like circulated to students on the Macdonald Campus, please fill out the Employer Job Form, available in both French (poste_de_stagiaire.doc) and English (employer_job_form.doc)