A. Jean de Grandpré Distinguished Speaker Series

A. Jean de Grandpré Distinguished Speaker Series
Macdonald Campus, McGill University

The A. Jean de Grandpré Distinguished Speaker Series is named in honour of McGill’s Chancellor Emeritus. M. de Grandpré, who served as Chancellor from 1984-1991, was a long-standing member of the McGill Board of Governors and one of Canada’s pre-eminent and most distinguished business leaders. An astute and visionary administrator, he brought these skills, together with his wisdom, clarity of thought, and persuasive logic, to the highest levels of leadership at McGill University.

September 28, 5:30–7:00pm
Redpath Museum, McGill University
850 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal

Admission Free, Registration Required

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Anja Geitmann
Professor and Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Anja Geitmann is Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences since 2015. She holds a Canada Research Chair in Biomechanics of Plant Development and is member of the Department of Plant Science.


Elena Bennett
Associate Professor, Department of Natural Resource Sciences

Elena Bennett is an associate professor in the department of Natural Resource Sciences at McGill University. Her research centers around questions on ecosystem services and the benefits people obtain from ecosystems. Human beings depend on the services provided by ecosystems, which include products such as food, freshwater, and fiber, non-material benefits such a places for recreation and inspiration and benefits obtained through regulatory processes, such as flood control and climate regulation. Of particular interest is the effective management of multiple ecosystem services and how they interact over long time periods and across space.

Nathalie Zinger, BScAgr’81, DipEd’83
Executive Coordinator, Conservation Engagement, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Nathalie Zinger majored in Renewable Resources and received her diploma in Northern Studies in 1983. With over 30 years of extensive field experience, Ms. Zinger has an excellent understanding of issues associated with the protection of natural areas and natural resources management. Her new role within the NCC will allow her to support strategic initiatives to increase conversation engagement programming, which include Nature Destinations, conservation volunteers, conversation internship and community engagement. The promotion of nature for conservation and health will be a part of her daily mandate.