Il faut boire huit verres d'eau par jour. Vraiment?

Published: 1Jun2017

Les besoins quotidiens en eau varient en fonction de la masse corporelle (30 ml d'eau par kilogramme), explique la nutritionniste Louise Thibault, professeure à l'École de nutrition humaine de l...

Phytoprotection: pilier d'un agro-écosystème durable


The Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is proud to host the 2017 Annual Conference of the Société de protection des plantes qu Québec / Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants,...

Macdonald Farm closed to visitors this summer due to construction of new Community Engagement Centre

Published: 30May2017

McGill University’s Macdonald Campus Farm is embarking on an ambitious project to renovate the century old dairy barn into a new centre to welcome visitors to the world of food production.  The...

The Kohlrabi Collective: Creating a Connected Local Food System

Published: 19May2017

McGill students are champions of the local and sustainable food movement. The McGill Farmers’ Market, the Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Gardens (MSEG), and Organic Campus are student-run...

Moth Orchid Mastery. A noon-hour workshop on care of moth orchids


Orchids are fascinating plants. According to a 2007 Nature study, the origins of their plant family, Orchidaceae, can be traced back as far as 70-80 million years.

Patterning the Arabidopsis flower: SUPERMAN and the definition of the stamen/carpel boundary


Not only are flowers beautiful to the naked eye, they are equally as striking at the microscopic level. One plant in particular is the unsung hero of plant biology, the model plant Arabidopsis.