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Macdonald Campus Farm Outreach Program / Programme de sensibilisation de la Ferme Macdonald

Macdonald Launches Rejuvenation Campaign for Mac Farm Outreach Program

Ask a young person today: “Where does your food come from?” and more often than not, they will name a retail grocery chain, restaurant, or mega producer.  With rapid urbanization, it is apparent that society has become increasingly disconnected from food, and yet the connection has never been more important. With the global population continuing to rise, tackling issues like food safety, food security, water resource management and others may well come down to a greater appreciation and understanding of our food systems. Here at Macdonald Campus, we have been asking ourselves: How do we remedy this disconnect and ensure children know about the vital role that farms and agriculture play in our lives?

The Macdonald Campus Farm is leading efforts to provide the Montreal community with greater knowledge and awareness about where our food comes from. The Farm launched an outreach program in the spring of 2008 to provide guided educational tours that sensitize school children about good agricultural practices and where their food originates. With growing demand for educational tours that necessitate improved facilities, a major investment is required to meet the demands of the community.

The new Macdonald Campus Interpretive Centre would provide a modern venue for visitors with interactive displays, an introductory video, washroom facilities, eating area and a Welcome Centre. In addition to breathing new life into an existing heritage building and providing a new venue space, the facilities would help to once again place Macdonald at the forefront of agriculture education and service to the community.

In order to provide a complete learning experience about agriculture and food, educational tours would include the dairy barn, the new calf barn, and the mini-farm.  These tours are an invaluable tool to reconnect urban children and adults to the source of their food, foster a better understanding of what is involved in food production, and reinforce the fact that what we eat is produced by farmers, who are also our neighbors and a foundation of our culture.

Macdonald Campus and McGill University share a proud tradition when it comes to farming and agriculture, and supporting the Macdonald Campus Farm Outreach Program is an exceptional opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of the critical importance agriculture plays in our lives, and in so doing, a greater appreciation of the food that sustains us.

We are inviting friends and alumni to support the education of our young people and give generously to build on the legacy of the Farm for generations to come.

Lancement de la Campagne de Renouvellement du programme de sensibilisation de la Ferme Macdonald

À la ferme du campus Macdonald, tout est mis en œuvre pour sensibiliser les Montréalais et la population à l’origine des aliments et à leur production. Grâce au programme de sensibilisation lancé au printemps 2008, des visites guidées familiarisent des écoliers avec de saines pratiques agricoles et le système de production alimentaire. La grande popularité des visites nécessite de meilleures installations et des expositions de plus grande qualité.

Le nouveau Centre d’interprétation de la ferme Macdonald serait un complexe moderne et proposerait aux visiteurs vidéo de présentation, expositions interactives, installations sanitaires et aire de repas. Outre de revitaliser un bâtiment patrimonial existant et de servir de nouveau lieu de diffusion, les installations contribueraient à replacer Macdonald à l’avant-garde de l’éducation en agriculture et du service à la collectivité.

Pour une expérience instructive complète sur l’agriculture et les aliments, les visiteurs découvriraient l’étable à vaches laitières, l’étable à veaux et la mini-ferme.  Les visites rapprochent de la source de leurs aliments les enfants et les adultes des villes et leur permettent de saisir les rudiments de la production vivrière et ses producteurs – les agriculteurs qui sont nos voisins et l’assise de notre héritage et de notre culture.

Le Collège Macdonald est fier de sa tradition en matière d’agriculture, d’aliments, de nutrition et d’environnement.

Soutenir le Centre d’interprétation de la ferme Macdonald, c’est promouvoir sa notoriété et sa mission de sensibilisation au sein de la collectivité, en particulier en matière de production vivrière durable, de consommation et de nutrition.

Nous invitons amis et diplômés de McGill à appuyer la formation de nos jeunes en contribuant généreusement au patrimoine de la ferme Macdonald pour les générations futures. L’objectif de la Campagne pluriannuelle est 2,5 millions de dollars.

To learn more about this project, please contact: / Pour en savoir plus, veuillez contacter :
Paul Simard | paul [dot] simardatmcgill [dot] ca  | 514-398-7618 or/ou
Paul Meldrum |  paul [dot] meldrumatmcgill [dot] ca | 514-398-8663.

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