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Giving Back to Mac

Supporting Your Alma Mater

Contributions made to the Annual Fund by alumni and friends provide critical funding that enables Macdonald to offer students an experience that surpasses their already high expectations for McGill. Here are a number of programs that you can direct your gift to, ensuring that your generosity has an impact that is meaningful to you.

Macdonald's Greatest Needs

Gifts designated to Mac, and particularly to the Faculty’s Development Fund, have immediate and direct impact providing the flexibility to respond quickly and in a meaningful way to student needs and Faculty priorities. Your gift provides vital support to enhance the student experience by funding their participation in workshops and seminars, internships and scholarships, or making possible the purchase of new lab equipment and the latest technology for student labs, to name a few.


Macdonald Farm Outreach Program

Macdonald Campus and McGill University share a proud tradition when it comes to farming and agriculture. Supporting the Macdonald Campus Farm Outreach Program is an exceptional opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of the critical importance agriculture plays in our lives. The rejuvenation of this program will allow us to once again place Macdonald College at the forefront of agriculture education and service to the community by fostering a greater appreciation, particularly among young people, of how our food system works. Gifts to the Farm Outreach Program will help to revive the Macdonald Dairy Barn, providing young minds with an engaging, interactive learning space, as well as a better environment to engage with the animals that provide our food.


Macdonald Scholarships and Student Aid

­Student awards make a difference. Today’s students face rising costs and often require advanced degrees to reach their career objectives. At the same time, world-wide competition for the very best students is at an all-time high. To remain competitive, McGill and Macdonald must provide financial aid that matches or exceeds that offered by other elite institutions.


Macdonald Athletics

While the tradition of academic excellence is well known at Macdonald, there is also an unforgettable tradition of athletics and recreational sports on campus. Support of campus athletics provides an opportunity to better enhance the success of our programs, teams, facilities, and most importantly, our student athletes.


Macdonald Library

The Macdonald library is a communal space for students, Faculty and the community at large with a focus on enhancing the University mission and promoting research, learning and collaboration. Your support of the library means continued access to enhanced collections, active learning and research spaces and improved services.


School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

The School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition is the oldest teaching and research institution in Human Nutrition in Canada with an extensive curriculum that emphasizes individual health and wellbeing in relation to food choices. The School aims to provide education and research on how to improve human health during the entire life span by better understanding the role of macro- and micronutrients in health and disease. Students benefit from the holistic learning approach offered at Macdonald where research facilities are available on site and clinical rotations are offered on a local and international level. Your support enables the School to continue providing students with an outstanding experience.


Student Experience Enhancement Fund

All Alma Mater Fund donations designated to the Student Experience Enhancement Fund (SEEF) are allocated to support student experiential learning initiatives. These experiences, which go above and beyond the traditional classroom learning model, can include, but are not limited to, such things as participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, internships, and research and development projects. Experiential activities are among the most powerful teaching and learning tools available – empowering our students to make the most of their time at Mac.


If you would like more information or would like to learn about other other programs at Macdonald,
please do not hesitate to contact Nadia Wendowsky
at nadia [dot] wendowskyatmcgill [dot] ca or 514-398-7593.