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William Dawson Scholars

Michael Ngadi

Professor Ngadi is a member of the Department of Bioresource Engineering. His research expertise in food process engineering (food quality and safety), food properties, heat and mass transfer processes, deep-fat frying, non-thermal technologies (pulsed electric fields, ultraviolet, ozone, etc.) and the conversion of food processing waste.

michael [dot] ngadiatmcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Joann Whalen

Professor Whalen is a member of the Department of Natural Resource Sciences. Her research focuses on soil ecology and fertility, particularly in agro-ecosystems. Her research interests include soil organic matter and nutrient dynamics, the ecology and spatial distribution of lumbrid earthworms and nutrient management practices for optimal crop production and environmental protection.

joann [dot] whalenatmcgill [dot] ca (Email )