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New Features for myCourses 2015

The new features and improvements listed below are included in the July 13th, 2015 upgrade of myCourses.

Copy Components Improvement

When copying components, the navbar and the homepage from the previous course will be automatically set as Active in the new course. Previously, instructors had to manually activate their old navbar and homepage after copying components.

Course List Filter

You can now filter your list of courses on the My Home page by Semester.

Content Welcome Page

The Table of Contents page now shows a welcome page for instructors to remind you how to add new content or copy it from a past course.

Add Video and Audio in Content

Instructors can now upload and embed audio and video files as content items. SRT files can be attached to add subtitles.

Discussions “Grid View” restored

Last year’s upgrade removed the Grid View of discussions in an attempt to simplify the interface. This option has now been restored for instructors.

Indicator for Hidden Final Grades

Many instructors did not realize that final grades were always hidden until they manually released them. There are now icons beside final grades that indicate whether they are hidden or not.

Quiz Item Analysis

The Quiz Statistics page for questions now shows detailed statistics, such as Average Grade, Standard Deviation, Point Biserial, and Discrimination Index.


Quiz Timer Improvement

When students are taking a quiz, the countdown timer now shows the number of seconds remaining.

Quiz Timing Options Clarified

Timing options for quizzes have been clarified.

Before After


Minor Interface Improvements

The page and “users per page” drop-down lists in Grades have been moved to the left in the grade book. Previously, instructors with large grade books had to scroll far to the right to locate these options.


When viewing Content, the icon to return to the Table of Contents was replaced by text for clarity. Arrows now appear on either side of the module title when viewing content instead of at the top right.

When creating a table in Content, instructors can now drag their mouse to select the number of rows and columns, similar to Microsoft Office. Previously, there was a pop-up in which instructors had to type in the number of rows and columns.