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LMS Launch Recap - March 1, 2012

View the Tribune's article on the launch of the new myCourses.


The introduction of the University’s new myCourses took place on March 1, 2012. Over 125 faculty and staff members braved the snow storm to attend as Provost Anthony Masi and CIO Ghilaine Roquet opened the event. Professors Kenneth Ragan and Carolyn Samuel presented the key features for instructors to get started with the new mycourses and 3rd year student, Elan Weinstock, discussed the benefits from a student perspective.  Professor Cynthia Weston, Director of Teaching & Learning, concluded the presentation.

One of the key messages to faculty members was the strong commitment of IT Services to support instructors through the process of moving the to new system. All course materials stored in the old system will be migrated to the new system, and each instructor will receive a personalized report of what elements they can expect to be different and what actions they may need to take to prepare their courses for a new semester.

A range of training programs, including workshops, webinars and online resources will be made available in March.  Be sure to register for training, which will begin on March 20.  Announcements will be posted when the new myCourses documentation and videos are available.

View PPT presentation from LMS Launch, March 1, 2012: mycourseslaunch-march-01-final.pdf