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Instructors: Want to track your student's progress in myCourses?

Progress ReportsWatch this short video to learn about the user progress and tool usage reports available to instructors in myCourses. How often do your students visit your course? Which of the course files are they looking at? Who has been active in the class discussions?

myCourses minor update completed

A minor update was applied to myCourses April 30, 2014. This update builds on the stability of the learning environment and adds a few new features for both instructors and students, ranging from the ability to drag-and-drop files directly into the list of content, to replying inline within discussions. A full list of these features is available on the New Features page of this site.

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Instructors: Sign up for lecture recording before classes begin
- new, simpler procedure

Lecture recording is available in over 50 classrooms, including all of the large lecture halls. Many of these rooms include video as well as audio capture. This service allows students to review material that was covered in class at their own pace; students have told us they find it to be extremely helpful.

With the simpler sign-up procedure, you only have to enable the course navigation bar that contains the Lecture Recordings link; just click the link and sign up.

Once recordings start, you can choose which lectures are made available to your students.