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Integration of third-party applications in myCourses

If you currently use External Learning Tools (ELT) to integrate an application within myCourses, or are interested in integrating third-party applications in the future, please read on.

Published: 11Feb2016

Access to myCourses from myMcGill

For the time being, when you click on the Access myCourses link in the myMcGill portal, you have to re-enter your McGill credentials.

You can also access myCourses directly through one of the following options:

Published: 9Feb2016

New Features for myCourses 2015

The new features and improvements listed below are included in the July 13th, 2015 upgrade of myCourses.

Copy Components Improvement

When copying components, the navbar and the homepage from the previous course will be automatically set as Active in the new course. Previously, instructors had to manually activate their old navbar and homepage after copying components.