Phishing scam: "Your Pass-word will expire in 2 days"

Published: 17Jan2018

A phishing scam is targeting the McGill community, asking you to click on a fraudulent link to keep your pass-word....

Phishing scam: "McGill University Report transactions"

Published: 5Jan2018

A recent phishing scam is circulating with the subject "McGill University Report transactions". The body contains a link to OPEN FOLDER....

Wrapping IT up for 2017 - A recap of IT initiatives over the past year

Published: 5Jan2018

Changes and advances in technology allow McGill to continuously improve services to the university community while delivering efficiency and sustainable value. Whether it be to implement a new...

Phishing scam: "Urgent Notice"

Published: 5Jan2018

A phishing scam is targeting the McGill community, asking recipients to click on a fraudulent link....

uApply (Graduate Admissions System) maintenance - January 24


The uApply system will undergo a scheduled maintenance operation Wednesday, January 24, between 4 pm and 6 pm. The system will be unavailable during this period. /itCategory: IT Scheduled Maintenance

Phishing scam: "News"

Published: 13Dec2017

There is a phishing email targeting the McGill community, with the subject "News" and signature "©2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved." The message says:

McGill websites not loading using http://

Published: 4Dec2017

McGill websites are currently not loading for some users when using http://www.mcgill.ca. If you use https:// the pages should load....

RESOLVED: Telephone outage in some McGill buildings

Published: 17Nov2017

The telephone issue was resolved at around 1:30 pm....