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Request a one-on-one consultation or custom workshop with Teaching and Learning Services (TLS).

Instructors: Sign up for lecture recording before classes begin

Lecture recording is available in over 50 classrooms, including all of the large lecture halls. Many of these rooms include video as well as audio capture. This service allows students to review material that was covered in class at their own pace; students have told us they find it to be extremely helpful.

Once recordings start, you can choose which lectures are made available to your students.


WebCT was the learning management system used at McGill from 2006 to 2012. Access to WebCT is granted for a limited period, by request only:

Instructors: After your WebCT course is migrated

Follow the instructions in the Knowledge Base article Copying course components from past courses in order to reuse some or all of the old course contents within a new course.