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Journal articles

Alonso-Ovalle, Luis and Paula Menéndez-Benito (2013) Two views on epistemic indefinites. Language and Linguistics Compass, 7:2, 105-122. [paper]

Alonso-Ovalle, Luis and Paula Menéndez-Benito. (2012) Indefinites, dependent plurality, and the viability requirement on scalar alternatives. Journal of Semantics. Published online on February 20 2012. [paper]

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Shimoyama, Junko (in press) The size of noun modifiers and degree quantifier movement. Journal of East Asian Linguistics. [pdf draft]

Shimoyama, Junko (2012) Reassessing crosslinguistic variation in clausal comparatives. Natural Language Semantics 20: 83-113. [paper]

Shimoyama, Junko (2011) Japanese indeterminate negative polarity items and their scope. Journal of Semantics 28: 413-450. [paper]

Selected conference proceedings papers and presentations

Alonso-Ovalle, Luis and Paula Menéndez-Benito (forthcoming) Modal Determiners and Alternatives: Quantity and Ignorance EffectsProceedings of the 23rd Semantics and Linguistics Theory Conference.

Alonso-Ovalle, Luis and Paula Menéndez-Benito (forthcoming) Random Choice Modality: Spanish Uno CualquieraProceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 17.

Alonso-Ovalle, Luis and Paula Menéndez-Benito. (2011) Expressing indifference: Spanish 'un NP cualquiera'. Proceedings of the 21st Semantics and Linguistics Theory Conference, ed. by Neil Ashton, Anca Chereches, and David Lutz. [paper]

Alonso-Ovalle, Luis and Junko Shimoyama (in press) Expressing ignorance in the nominal domain: Japanese wh-kaProceedings of the 31st West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. [pdf draft]

Bouchard, David-Étienne. (2012) The partial factivity of opinion verbs. Presented at Sinn und Bedeutung 17, Paris, September 8-10, 2012. [handout]

Drummond, Alex and Junko Shimoyama (2013) QR as an agent of vehicle change: Evidence from Japanese and Hindi comparatives, Presented at NELS 44, UConn, October 18-20, 2013. [handout]

Pedersen, Walter. (2012) 'Again' and measures-of-change: A unified account of 'again'-ambiguities. Presented at Sinn und Bedeutung 17, Paris, September 8-10, 2012. [slides]

Pedersen, Walter. (2010) Two sources of 'again'-ambiguities: Evidence from degree-achievement predicates. In M. Aloni, H. Bastiaanse, T. de Jager and K. Schulz (eds.) Logic, Language and Meaning: 17th Amsterdam Colloquium Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 6042) pp. 355-363. Springer, Berlin. [paper]

Pedersen, Walter. (2010) The internal structure of Degree-Achievements: Evidence from 'again'- ambiguities. In M. Byram Washburn, K. McKinney-Bock, E. Varis, A. Sawyer and B. Tomaszewics (eds.) Proceedings of The 28th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL 28), pp.169-177. Cascadilla Press, Somerville, MA. [pdf-draft]

Schwarz, Bernhard. (2011) Remarks on class B numeral modifiers. Presented at workshop Indefinites and Beyond, University of Göttingen, November 18-19, 2011. [handout]

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Simonenko, Alexandra. (2013) Semantics of the DP wh-island, poster presented at NELS 44, UConn, October 18-20, 2013.

Simonenko, Alexandra. (2012) Microvariation in head-exponent alignment: Finno-Ugric possessive suffixes. Presented at the 43th annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 43). CUNY, October 19–21 2012. [slides]

Simonenko, Alexandra. (in press) When uniqueness is guaranteed: DEN-omission in Swedish. In Proceedings of the 42 annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 42). [pdf-draft]

Yoon, Erica and Junko Shimoyama. (2013) The two-grammar model for Korean and its consequences. Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics, MITWPL. [pdf-draft]