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Syntax-Phonology Interface Research Groups

The Syntax-Phonology Research Group is a subgroup of the larger Syntactic Interfaces Research Group (SIRG) and has been meeting over the past few years. There are at least two areas of investigation into this interface: one from the perspective of structure-phonology interactions inside the word, and one from the perspective of structure-phonology interactions in sentence structure. In the former case, the interactions tend to involve segmental phonology, in the latter case they tend to involve prosody.

In the past two years the focus of the Syntax-Phonology group has been on syntax-phonology interactions inside word structure. In May of 2012 the department hosted a workshop on Word Structure at the Interface: Exploring the Interfaces 1. The group investigating word structure is currently in the process of editing a volume of work coming out of that research, and continues to meet (this term on Tuesdays at 3 pm. See here for details).

In the Fall of 2013 the Syntax-Phonology Research Group turns its main focus of to the investigation into structure and prosody. A new research group has started, which investigates how word order and prosody interact, and how prosodic evidence can be used certain syntactic analyses. The focus this year will be on VSO and VOS word orders across different languages. See here for details.

All are welcome to attend !