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Jessica Coon

Jessica Coon, Associate Professor; Canada Research Chair in Syntax and Indigenous Languages

Specializations: Syntax, Morphology, Mayan, Algonquian, Field Methodology, Language Documentation and Revitalization
PhD: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Contact information

Email: jessica [dot] coon [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Jessica Coon)

Office: 1085 Dr. Penfield, #221
Office Hours: by appointment only until Fall 2016

Phone: 514-398-4224

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Select publications

Coon, Jessica, Pedro Mateo Pedro, and Omer Preminger. 2014. `The Role of Case in A-Bar Extraction Asymmetries: Evidence from Mayan.' Linguistic Variation 14, 2: 179–242.

Coon, Jessica. 2013. Aspects of Split Ergativity. Oxford University Press.

Coon, Jessica. 2012. ‘Split Ergativity and Transitivity in Chol.’ Lingua 122, special volume Accounting for Ergativity: 241–256. 

Coon, Jessica. 2010. ‘VOS as predicate fronting in Chol Mayan.’ Lingua 120: 345–378.

Coon, Jessica. 2009  ‘Interrogative possessors and the problem with pied-piping in Chol.’ Linguistic Inquiry 40, 1: 165–175