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McSIRG meetings

Meeting schedule Winter 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 3 p.m. ARTS 160

Tuesday, May 4, 9 am-12 pm in Room 117


    Bethany Lochbihler: Morpho-syntactic obviation in Algonquian

    Eva Melkonyan:Distribution of the definite article in Armenian

    Glyne Piggott & Lisa Travis: Word internal adjuncts in Ojibwa

Calendar of meetings for McSIRG

FALL 2010 & WINTER 2011

Meeting times: Friday 3 p.m. Room 117 (unless specified otherwise)

Tuesday, April 26, at 2:30 room 117

Reading group meeting: discussion of David Embick's (2010) monograph Localism versus Globalism in Morphology and Phonology chapter 3