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High-Throughput Screening



The scientific aim of the McGill HTS Facility is to facilitate the development of chemical biology programs in academic labs by supporting high throughput screens of various natures through shared infrastructure, materials and expertise.  We aim to create an open and interactive environment to stimulate both drug discovery and basic research from different fields and institutions and to provide a training ground for HTS for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.  We want to offer unique services for academic and industrial clients, for both screening and non-screening projects, and give the opportunity to our customers to make a breakthrough in their field.  In order to achieve this, the Facility operates on both a staff-assisted and a cost recovery model where users contribute funds to support the maintenance of specialized lab equipment, salaries to retain highly-trained and qualified staff, and the costs of consumables used for a project.  In sum, we strive to establish an enduring relationship with our customers and collaborators in addressing their research needs and expertise.


Services offered

  • HTS assay development – optimization and validation.
  • Management of shRNA libraries for genome-scale screening for human or mouse (only offered to McGill’s researchers)
    • Individual bacteria clones picking
    • Customization of sub-libraries
  • Primary and secondary screening
    • Chemical compound library from commercial source
    • siRNA library for genome-scale screening for human
  • Liquid-handling workstation and fully integrated robotic system
  • Plate readers for various applications
  • Access to a cell culture room
  • Training and assistance