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MyResearch graduate seminar series

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Become an independent researcher! 

Take control of your own development and advance your library research skills and techniques. Increase your knowledge and understanding of the research environment. Learn strategies to improve your research management and effectiveness. 

MyResearch is a suite of workshops tailored to graduate and postdoctoral students. The series consists of four interactive seminars that will be held multiple times per year at five different locations and covering the following subject areas: Agriculture/Environmental Sciences & Nutrition, Health & Biological Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences & Engineering and Social Sciences. Each of them is two hours long with plenty of hands-on practice.

Topics cover the beginning of the research process, including refining of your research topic, right through to ways to enter the research community, all the while highlighting the Library’s resources and services.

If you do attend all four modules, you will receive a certificate signed by both the Trenholme Dean of Libraries and the Dean of Graduate and PostDoctoral Studies.  Please note that other EndNote Essentials workshops may be taken in lieu of Module 1.


If you've participated in the MyResearch workshops, we'd appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill out a short, online survey that we've prepared.

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Your feedback will help us to make our workshops even better, so we appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you thought of the workshop!

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