Michele Larose – Osler Library Artist-in-Residence Programme

Colour mezzotint illustration from Exposition anatomique de la structure du corps humain, by Gautier Dagoty, 1759Colour mezzotint illustration from Exposition anatomique de la structure du corps humain, by Gautier Dagoty, 1759

Value: $6,000

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Michele Larose, artist and paediatric neuropsychiatrist who trained in psychiatry and child psychiatry at McGill and in visual arts at Curtin University in Australia, the Osler Library of the History of Medicine has established an artist-in-residence programme.

The award supports visual artists visiting the university to create works that address contemporary and/or historical subjects in medicine and the health sciences that are inspired by the rich and diverse collections held by the Osler Library and/or other sources at McGill. Possible projects can include, but are not limited to: painting; photography; performance; sculpture; and digital, video or installation art.

The Michele Larose – Osler Library Artist-in-Residence award, valued at $6,000, will be given annually to one or more deserving candidates with a degree in Studio Arts or a related field and/or a history of exhibiting artistic work in professional venues.

The recipient, who will be known as the Larose-Osler Artist-in-Residence, will receive assistance from the staff of the Osler Library and will have full access to the library’s world-class historical and contemporary collections as well as other sources.  Please note that the artist will be accommodated as well as possible, but that there is no dedicated studio space available.

During the tenure of the Larose-Osler Artist-in-Residence, he or she will be responsible for:

  1. Working on the project;
  2. Giving a public presentation about the project;
  3. Exhibiting or performing the work; and
  4. Submitting a report within 30 days on the project for publication in the Osler Library Newsletter.
  5. Completing the work by December 31, 2018.

The Larose-Osler Artist-in-Residence will be encouraged to meet with students and faculty members and to take part in the life and culture of the University.

The work will remain the property of the artist, however, recognition of support should be given.

Interested artists should send the following information:   

  1. A project description (1 page);
  2. A proposed timeline;
  3. CV;
  4. Two letters of recommendation; and
  5. Samples of work (please reduce large files as much as possible while still making them legible).

The application information should be sent as ONE pdf file using the file name (your last name.LaroseOsler2018.pdf)

Applications should be sent to the Osler Library (osler.library [at] mcgill.ca).

For more information, please contact the Osler Library at 514-398-4475, ext 09873 or osler.library [at] mcgill.ca.


Previous winners


  • Museums, libraries and local history are a frequent focus in Loren Williams' art practice. For this residency she explored Montreal's early medicinal gardens, locating the sites on old maps and researching the plants that grew in them. Using a 19th century photographic process called Cyanotype, she created deep blue coloured images of the plants that were evocative of X-rays and cellular structures. Most significant for the artist, was the unique context of the Osler Library which enabled her to pursue her work from a medical history perspective.


  • Dr. Lucy Lyons received her PhD from Sheffield Hallam University. Her practice focuses on drawing within medical museums and working collaboratively to explore the beauty of collections. She is especially interested in the hidden, the overlooked, insignificant or in-between. This residency will allow her to push and explore her own practice and develop work in new ways whilst bringing new audiences to the collections.


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