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Julie Jones

Julie Jones

Liaison Librarian

Responsible for library and information services and collections to support teaching, learning, and research taking place in the Department of Geography, School of Social Work, and School of Urban Planning. 


  • Master of Library and Information Studies, McGill University, 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts (English Literature), University of British Columbia, 2001

Areas of interest

  • Information literacy
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Systematic reviews in the Social Sciences
  • Sustainability in libraries

Professional activities 

  • Special Libraries Association, Academic Division (2010 to present). Conference Program Planner 2013-2014. Strategic Planning Task Force 2011-2013.
  • McGill CLA Student Chapter Professional Partnering Program. Coordinator, 2012-2014.

  • Canadian Library Association, Montreal Network. Co-moderator, 2012-2013.

  • McGill Association of University Teachers, Librarians’ Section. Professional Issues Committee, 2011 – present.

  • McGill Library Council. Secretary, 2013-2015.

  • McGill Librarians Journal Club

  • McGill Sustainability Symposium 2014, VP Communication and Academic Steering Committee, 2013-2014.

  • McGill Sustainability Coordinating Group. Invited member, 2012-present. 

Selected publications

Jones, J., & Canuel, R. (2013). Supporting the dissemination of undergraduate research: An emerging role for academic librarians. In D. M. Mueller (Ed.) Imagine, Innovate, Inspire: Proceedings of the Association of College & Research Libraries Conference (pp. 538-545). Chicago, IL: Association of College and Research Libraries. http://www.ala.org/acrl/sites/ala.org.acrl/files/content/conferences/confsandpreconfs/2013/papers/JonesCanuel_Supporting.pdf

De Súmar, J., & Jones, J. (2012). Planning for succession: Building upon an information literacy instruction experience. In R. Gwyer, R. Stubbings, and G. Walton (Eds.) The Road to Information Literacy: Librarians as Facilitators of Learning. Proceedings of the IFLA Satellite meeting in Tampere Finland, August 8-10, 2012 (pp.95-108) IFLA Publications Series 157. Berlin: De Gruyter Saur, 2012.

Selected presentations and workshops

Jones, J. (2013). The Emergence of Undergraduate Research: Opportunities for Academic Librarians. Presentation given at the 6e Journée de réflexion des bibliothécaires de l’Université de Montréal, Montreal, QC, December 5, 2013. 

Jones, J. (2013). Aligning library services with institutional objectives through support of undergraduate research programs. Presentation given at the Concordia University Libraries 11th Annual Library Research Forum, Montreal, QC, April 26, 2013. 

Featherstone, R., & Jones, J. (2013). Evidence-Based Emergency Management (EBEM) for University Safety: Development and Evaluation of a Novel Course in EBEM. Poster presented at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, USA, May 6, 2013.

Jones, J., & Canuel, R. (2013). Supporting the dissemination of undergraduate research: An emerging role for academic librarians. Contributed paper presented at the Association of College & Research Libraries Bi-annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN, USA, April 12, 2013. 

Jones, J. (2012). Joining the scholarly conversation and how the library can help. Presentation given at McGill Arts Undergraduate Society’s (AUS) Research Week. March 29, 2012. 

Jones, J., & Matsuzaki, T., (2012). Libraries going green. Poster presented at the Canadian Library Association Conference, Ottawa, ON, June 1, 2012.

Henderson, J., Jones, J., Colosimo, A., Cote, M., Duffy, E., & L. Sikora. (2011). Overcoming barriers to the communication of global health information. Poster presented at the 2011 Global Health Conference, hosted by the Global Health Education Consortium, the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, and the Canadian Society for International Health, Montreal, QC, November 14, 2011. 

Jones, J. (2011) Adding iPads to your library’s arsenal: Opportunities and challenges. Presentation given at L'Association des bibliothécaires du Québec / Quebec Library Association. 79th Annual Spring Conference, Montreal, QC, May 12, 2011. 

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