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Manuscript Collection

The collection of manuscripts, private papers and archives is a large and varied one. On the one hand, it includes complete codices, significant fragments and single leaves of book manuscripts from the European, the Near Eastern and Indian traditions. On the other, it includes private papers and archives documenting many subjects, sometimes with only a single item but often in some depth with a number of interrelated holdings.

Blacker-Wood Collection in Zoology and Ornithology

Dr. Casey Albert Wood, a McGill graduate, had a very successful career in the United States as an ophthalmologist. His interest in the differences in the eyes of birds and humans eventually led to a broader interest in ornithology and it was he who in 1920 founded the Blacker-Wood Collection as an ornithology library with a supporting collection in vertebrate zoology. The focus of the library gradually came to incorporate all aspects of zoology except entomology.

Malcolm Lowry Collection

The collection was purchased in 1970 from the collector Thomas Judson Jackson of Carbondale, Illinois. It includes early and variant editions of Malcolm Lowry's published works and translations of Under the Volcano. As well, there are books and periodicals containing contributions by Lowry; books by his wife and books and periodicals mentioning him or containing reviews and criticism. There is correspondence between the Canadian poet Earle Birney and Thomas J. Jackson concerning the preparation of a bibliography (unpublished) of Lowry's work (1966-1970).

D.H. Lawrence Collection

The D.H. Lawrence collection, some sixty titles, is particularly rich in first, early and variant editions. There is also early criticism.

Rosalynde Stearn Puppet Collection

This collection was formed by the Canadian puppeteer Rosalynde Osborne Stearn to be a comprehensive library on the puppet theatre with representative examples of puppets characteristic of different periods and countries. The collection was given to the library in 1953. It includes some 2714 books and periodicals from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries on the puppet theatre in various European languages as well as scripts for puppet plays. There are puppets (171) from Europe, Asia (including shadow puppets), and the Americas, from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries.

Junius Collection

The identity of the eighteenth-century polemicist who was responsible for the series of letters to the London Public Advertiser, from 21 January 1769 to 21 January 1772 has long been a subject of debate and speculation. These letters were republished in 1772 as the Letters of Junius. The letters themselves remain after more than two hundred years a most startling example of political polemic and invective. The main part of the Junius collection was acquired in 1999; it had once been in the collection of the Mercantile Library Company of Philadelphia.

Canadiana Pamphlet Collection

The Canadiana Pamphlet collection was begun in the 1960s and now comprises some 8,000 items dealing with all aspects of Canadian life: politics, social life, religion, business etc. Approximately 5% of the material is pre-Confederation; as well, there is much French language material.


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Intensive English - Advanced B - CEGL 423

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This course guide lists resources for the Canadian history presentation and Face of Montreal cultural development project assigned in Intensive English Advanced B (CEGL 423). For other resources related to courses in English as a second language, visit this Subject Guide.

CANS 202 - Canadian Cultures: Contexts and Issues

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