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Library resources for viola / alto

Below are selected research tools for finding music for, and information about, the viola. Consult the McGill Library catalogue for complete holdings information. If you have further questions, please contact a member of the full-time staff for assistance.

Ce guide sert de point de départ ou d’outil de navigation. Consultez le catalogue pour obtenir les ressources documentaires complètes. Pour de plus amples renseignements, contactez un employé à temps plein.

Repertoire guides / Guides de répertoire

Grunberg, Max. Führer Durch die Literatur der Streichinstrumente (Violine, Viola, Violoncello). Niederwalluf bei Wiesbaden: M. Sandig, 1971.
REF ML128 S7 G7 1971

Jappe, Michael, and D. Jappe. Viola Bibliographie: das Repertoire für die Historische Bratsche von 1649 bis nach 1800: Kommentiertes Thematisches Verzeichnis. Winterthur: Amadeus, 1999.
REF ML128 V36 J37 1999

Klugherz, Laura. A Bibliographical Guide to Spanish Music for the Violin and Viola, 1900-1997. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998.
REF ML128 V4 K58 1998

Weaver, Michael Alan. Works for the Viola by Pulitzer Prize Winning Composers: An Annotated Bibliography. Lewiston, N.Y.: E. Mellen Press, 2006.
REF ML128 V36 W43 2006

Williams, Michael Day. Music for Viola. Détroit, Mich.: Information coordinators, 1979.
REF ML128 V36 W53

Zeyringer, Franz. Literatur für Viola. Hartberg: Schönwetter, 1976.
REF ML128 V36 Z5 1976

Books about the viola / Livres sur l'alto

Dalton, David. Playing the Viola: Conversations with William Primrose. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988.
MT280 D34 1988

Kella, John Jake. The Development and Qualitative Evaluation of a Comprehensive Music Curriculum for Viola: With an Historical Survey of Violin and Viola Instructional Literature from the 16th through 20th Centuries. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms International, 1983.
MT280 K45 1983a; or Online via Proquest Dissertations & Theses

Lainé, Frédéric. L’Alto. Bressuire, France: Anne Fuzeau, 2010.
ML900 L34 A47 2010

Maurice, Donald. Bartók's Viola Concerto: The Remarkable Story of His Swansong. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004.
MT130 B34 M28 2004; or eBook version

Riley, Maurice W. The History of the Viola. Ann Arbor, MI: Braun-Brumfield, c1980.
ML900 R43

White, John. Lionel Tertis: The First Great Virtuoso of the Viola. Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2006.
ML418 T47 W45 2006

Lieberman, Julie Lyonn. Alternative Strings: The New Curriculum. Pompton Plains, N.J.: Amadeus Press, 2004.
MT259 L54 2004

Stowell, Robin. The Early Violin and Viola: A Practical Guide. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.
ML855 S79 2001; or eBook version

Online resources / Ressources en ligne

Oxford Music Online (includes Grove Music Online)

Orchestral Music Online (Online version of Orchestral Music: A Handbook)


Literatur für Viola (Updates to Zeyringer repertoire bibliography on site of William Primrose Viola Archive)

Periodicals / Périodiques

American String Teacher
ML27 U5 A8356

Galpin Society Journal
ML5 G26

ML5 S89

ML749.5 S87

The Viola: Yearbook of the International Viola Research Society
ML900 V56

Call numbers for browsing / Cotes à parcourir

M45-M49 Viola solo / Alto seul
M224-M228 Viola and piano / Alto et piano
M286-M287 Duets – 2 string instruments / Duos – 2 instruments à cordes
M290-M291 Duets – string and wind instruments / Duos – instrument à cordes et instrument à vent
M294-M295 Duets – string and plucked instruments / Duos – instrument à cordes et instrument à cordes pincées
M1014-M1015 Viola with orchestra (or piano reduction) / Alto et orchestre
M1114-M1115 Viola with string orchestra (or piano reduction) / Alto et orchestre à cordes
ML128 V36 Viola bibliography / Bibliographie – alto
ML900-ML905 Viola history / Histoire – alto
MT280-MT298 Viola studies and methods / Étude et enseignement – alto
MT286 Viola orchestral excerpts / Études d’orchestre – alto



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