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The Islamic manuscripts fall into three groups: Arabic, Persian and Turkish. The Arabic manuscripts, some thirty-three codices, are mostly Qurans and tracts on Sufism and Shi’ite sects. In addition, there is a collection of over two hundred pieces of Arabic calligraphy. There are some thirty-five Persian codices, primarily poetry, and about a hundred separate leaves, many containing miniature paintings. Among the latter is one leaf dated to the thirteenth century and a leaf from the Demotte "Shahnama", c. 1350. There are also four Turkish manuscripts, two Malay manuscripts as well as a small number of Urdu and Hindustani manuscripts.

Articles about Islamic Manuscripts held at McGill University


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McGill Digital Collections

Shahnameh exhibition, held in the Islamic Studies Library in 2011.

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Islamic Calligraphy exhibition, held in the Islamic Studies Library in 2011

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McGill Catalogue: Persian Manuscripts

The links below reflect only those Persian Manuscripts included in McGill University's catalogue. The Persian Manuscripts are held at the Rare Books and Special Collections department in the McLennan Library, with the exception of the Osler collection which are held at the Osler Library.

Islamic Manuscripts Catalogues held at the Islamic Studies Library

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