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    Searching the Library Catalogue

    Use the basic word(s) anywhere or advanced keyword search in the library catalogue. You can search using words like - grammar, canad?, dictionary etc.

    Note that it is not necessary to use diacritics such as ^ ` ¨ when searching the catalogue.

    Search tips

    Truncation symbol: ? e.g. litera? will retrieve catalogue records containing the words literary, literate, literature, etc.
    Phrase searching: "___" e.g. "english grammar" will retrieve catalogue records containing the words english grammar as a phrase
    Boolean operators: (), AND, OR, NOT
    default: AND
    e.g. literature AND (english OR canadian) will retrieve catalogue records containing the word literature AND either english OR canadian

    Get more catalogue search tips.

    Search the Library catalogue: Word(s) anywhere:

    Searching Using Subject headings

    Often keywords--natural language terms--are too diverse to round up everything in the catalogue on your topic.

    To overcome this problem, once you have found some relevant items by searching using your own words, click on the title and examine the full view of each, especially the section called "LC Subject", where you will find the uniform subject heading used for your topic, and then redo your search using the "Subject begins with ..." option.

    Databases and Article Indexes

    News and current affairs:

    General academic databases (both scholarly and popular content):

    To find journal databases for a particular subject area (e.g. biology, literature, business, etc.) use the database finder.

    Use this guide if you need help finding journal articles.

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    Other Resources

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