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Archives by Country: A-Z


Archives by Country: A-Z


  • Archives Search (Library & Archives Canada)
  • Search database of archival holdings across Canada, and links to provincial and territorial archival networks.
  • Includes Directory of Archival Repositories, with over 800 institutions by jurisdiction, theme, and type, with address and short description of holdings, plus listing with address of professional and provincal/territorial associations and councils.
  • Links to Canadian archives and associated resources, including individual repositories, multi-repository databases, archival listservs, archival associations, etc. Museums and library special collections departments have been included when they contain reference to non-published materials.
  • Search for sound files, video, maps, artifacts, photographs, paintings, diaries, posters, books, and public records in digital collections in libraries, archives, galleries, museums, and historical societies.
  • Documents relating to the history of sea-based activities in the north Atlantic region, at Memorial University, Newfoundland.
  • Links to main religious archives in Canada, maintained by Canadian Genealogy Centre.





  • Access to searchable databases ARCADE (l'histoire de l'art des XIXe et XXe siècles), EGERIE (état général des fonds des Archives Nationales), LEONORE (titulaires de la Légion d'Honneur jusqu'à 1956), ARCHIM (images numériques de documents, tels que l'atlas de Trudaine des routes royales françaises au XVIIIe siècle, un dossier sur l'histoire des protestants sous l'Ancien Régime, un autre rassemblant toutes les constitutions françaises de 1789 à nos jours), etc.
  • Instruments de recherche en ligne, Centre des archives d'outre-mer.




United Kingdom

  • Formed in April 2003 by bringing together the Public Record Office and the Historical Manuscripts Commission. Includes links to ARCHON Directory (Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts National Register of Archives —information on all repositories in the United Kingdom and all world repositories with collections of manuscripts noted in the indexes to the UK National Register of Archives), Catalogue (formerly Procat, P.R.O. Catalogue), NDAD (UK National Digital Archive of Datasets —UK government data prepared or stored on computer), Hospital Records Database, etc.
  • Database of catalogues of archives, from the twelfth to the twentieth centuries, submitted to A2A from all over England.
  • UK's Higher Education Archives Hub with searchable descriptions of the archives housed at Glasgow University, Edinburgh University, Bath University, Liverpool University, King's College London, University College London, Nottingham University, Durham University, School of Oriental and African Studies, Manchester University, Southampton University, Bangor and Warwick University, etc.
  • Archives in London and the M25 area, UK.

United States


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