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MIME 565 - Aerospace metallic materials and manufacturing processes

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Course Materials

Where to find background information

Where to find references to journal articles

Multidisciplinary databases

Subject-specific databases

Search Tips – Basic Principles of Online Searching

1-    Define your question.
       e.g., What are the leading candidates to replace Chromium in making aerospace materials?

2-    Identify the appropriate source(s) to search.
       e.g., Scopus (see above for list of possible databases)

3-    Break down the question into its separate concepts.
       e.g., What are the leading candidates to replace Chromium in making aerospace materials?

4-    Brainstorm synonyms.
       Consider synonyms/related terms for each concept (e.g., Chromium OR Cr) and variant word endings (e.g., replace* for replace, replaces, replacement, replacements).

5-    Combine search terms (AND/OR).
       e.g., (Chromium OR Cr) AND (replace* OR alternative*) AND (aerospace OR airplanes OR jets OR helicopters)
       The parentheses around the synonyms are the equivalent of using one search box in Scopus for one concept. You would use the parentheses to separate your concepts in databases that provide you only with one search box.

6-    If too many results, consider applying limits.
       e.g., limit search results to references published in the past 5 years

7-    Evaluate your results & modify your search strategy if necessary.
       e.g., look at the title, abstract, author keywords, or subject headings of a relevant result to pick out additional terms that you can use to revise your search


How to Locate Journal Articles or Books

Look for the Find It @ button when searching databases.  Click on this button to link to our catalogue.

Search the McGill Library Catalogue to find journals or books, whether in print or electronic format.

  • For Journals: Choose "Journal Title begins with..." and enter the title of the journal in which the article is published.  
  • For Books: Choose "Title begins with..." and enter the title of the book you are interested in.

How to Obtain Materials Not Available at McGill

McGill students and staff may order articles and books that are not available at McGill using COLOMBO.  Please do not wait until it is too late for us to help you with COLOMBO.


Reading Journal Articles Efficiently

How to Read a Scientific Paper (Quick tutorial from Purdue University)


Citing Correctly

Using Endnote to Cite Your References

EndNote is computer software that allows you to:

•          save references from database and web searches

•          organize your references into different folders

•          cite references within a text document and automatically create a bibliography

McGill students and staff can visit http://www.mcgill.ca/library/services/citation/software/endnote to download the software for free.  There are library workshops given throughout the year on how to use this software effectively.

Using the American Institute of Physics (AIP) Citation Style

Defining academic integrity and plagiarism:


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