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ARTH 422 Contemporary Art

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Sources for Background Information

Guides, Handbooks & Directories

  • Art in the Modern Era: A Guide to Styles, Schools & Movements, 1860 to the Present
    N6490 D415 2002 (Ref)
  • ARTEXTE: Le Répertoire des publications en art contemporain Canadien/The Directory of Publications on Canadian Contemporary Art
    Z5961 C3 A78 2002 (Ref)
  • The New York Times Guide to the Arts of the 20th Century
    NX456 N49 2002 (Ref) v. 1-4
  • Artists' Books: A Critical Anthology and Sourcebook
    N7433.3 A75 1985 (Ref)
  • Artists' Multiples, 1935-2000
    N6494 M8 B87 2001 (Ref)
  • Canadian Contemporary Art Directory
    N1 C27 (Ref)
  • International Directory of Exhibiting Artists
    folio N6490 D49 (Ref)

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

  • Art and Artists in the 20th Century
    N6490 P74 2000 (Ref)
  • L'Arte
    folio N31 A77 2002 (Ref) v. 1-6
  • Art Now: The New Directory to 136 International Contemporary Artists
    N6497 A78 2005 (Ref)
  • Contemporary Masterworks
    folio N6490 C6568 1991 (Ref)
  • Dictionary of Art - Oxford Art Online
    (includes Grove Art Online)
  • Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art
    N6490 C5317 2009 (Ref)
  • Encyclopedia of American Art
    N6505 E32 (Ref)
  • Encyclopedia of Latin American & Caribbean Art
    N6502 E53 2000 (Ref)
  • Glossary of Art, Architecture and Design Since 1945
    N34 W34 1992 (Ref)
  • Handbuch der Symbole in der bildenden Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts
    N6490 W49 1980 (Ref)
  • The New A to Z of Canadian Art
    N6540 M28 2001 (Ref)
  • Oxford Dictionary of American Art and Artists
    N6505 M59 2007 (Ref) & online
  • The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-century Art
    N6490 O94 1988 (Ref)

Searching the Catalogue: Helpful Tips

To search an exact phrase...use Quotes
"contemporary art"

To search a particular artist, search under subject and use the last name first, followed by the first name (if known) or the first letter of the first name
Wall, J or Pipilotti, Rist

To narrow your search...use AND
artist and biography

To exclude certain words from your search...use NOT
(contemporary and art) not performance

To use various terms for similar concepts...use OR
(conceptual or installation) and artists

To search the root of a word...use ?
art? will retrieve

Finding Journal Articles

Search first in these Art History databases.

Selected Internet Sites

Other Resources

Images and Reproductions of Art Works

Library Catalogues & Exhibition Catalogues

  • Artists' Books: The Book as a Work of Art, 1963-1995
    N7433.3 B87 1995 (Ref)
  • Catalogues canadiens en art contemporain
    Z5939 G73 1983 (Ref)
  • Contemporary Latin American Artists: Exhibitions at the Organization of American States
    N6502.5 C66 1993 (Ref)
  • Performance au Canada, 1970-1990
    folio NX513 A1 P47 1991 (Ref)
  • Staatsgalerie moderner Kunst München: Ein Rundgang durch die Sammlung
    N6488 G3 M875 1987 (Ref)

Biographical Dictionaries & Biographical Information

  • American Women Artists: From Early Indian Times to the Present
    N6505 R8 1982 (Ref)
  • Artist Biographies Master Index
    N40 A78 1986 (Ref)
  • The Biographical Dictionary of Saskatchewan Artists
    S6546 S2 B56 1990 (Ref)
  • The Biographical Directory of Native American Painters
    N6536 L47 1995 (Ref)
  • A Biographical History of African-American Artists, A-Z
    N6538 N5 M3 2001 (Ref)
  • A Biographical Index to California & Western Artists
    N6530 C2 K67 1983 (Ref)
  • Cinquante artistes de chez-nous
    N6546 Q3 C568 1983 (Ref)
  • Contemporary Artists
    N6490 C6567 1983 (Ref)
  • Contemporary Canadian Artists
    N6548 C66 1997 (Ref)
  • Contemporary Masterworks
    folio N6490 C6568 1991 (Ref)
  • Dictionary of Artists in Britain Since 1945
    N6768 B83 1998 (Ref)
  • A Dictionary of Canadian Artists
    N6548 M28 (Ref)
  • Dictionary of Contemporary American Artists
    N6536 C8 1994 (Ref)
  • Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America
    N6512 E45 1990 (Ref)
  • North American Women Artists of the Twentieth Century
    N6503 N67 1995 (Ref)
  • Petit dictionnaire des artistes contemporains
    N6489 L4 1996 (Ref)
  • Who's Who in American Art
    N6536 W5 (Ref)
  • Who's Who in the Arts
    N6512 W54 (Ref)
  • Women Artists in the 20th and 21st Century
    NX 164 W65 W68 2001 (Ref)
  • World Artists, 1950-1980
    N6489 M37 1984 (Ref)


  • Annual Bibliography of Modern Art
    Z5939 N557a (Ref)
  • A Arte no Brasil: dos primórdios ao século vinte, uma bibliografia seleta, anotada = Art in Brazil: From its Beginnings to Modern Times, a Selected, Annotated Bibliography
    Z5961 B6 N45 1997 (Ref)
  • Artexte: le répertoire des publications en art contemporain canadien = The Directory of Publications on Canadian Contemporary Art
    Z5961 C3 A78 (Ref)
  • Bibliographic Guide to Art and Architecture
    Z5939 B53X (Ref)
  • Bibliography on Canadian Feminist Art
    Z7963 A75 H3 1986 (Ref)
  • Contemporary Art Trends 1960-1980: A Guide to Sources
    Z5935.5 B44 (Ref)
  • Modern Latin American Art: A Bibliography
    Z5961 L3 F56 1983 (Ref)
  • Répertoire des catalogues du Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, 1965-1990
    Z5961 C3 M87 1992 (Ref)
  • Répertoire des livres d'artistes au Québec, 1993-1997
    Z5961 C3 H6923 1999 (Ref)
  • Twentieth Century European Painting: A Guide to Information Sources
    Z5949 E9 C87

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