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Management Reserves Libdispenser

What is the Management Reserves Libdispenser?

The Management Reserves Libdispenser is the McGill Library’s new self-service lending machine that lets you browse, borrow and return library materials easily and conveniently.

What is inside?

The Management Reserves Libdispenser contains materials for students taking courses in the Desautels Faculty of Management.

Where is it located?

On the north side of concourse (basement) level of the Bronfman Building, near Dave’s Store.

What are the operating hours?

Desautels Faculty of Management students can access the machine 24x7. Students enrolled in other faculties can use the Management Reserves Libdispenser during Bronfman Building opening hours.

How long can I borrow books for?

Materials borrowed from the Management Reserves Libdispenser are loaned for three hours; however, materials borrowed after 14:45 are not due back until 11:00 the next morning.

How many items can I borrow at one time?


If I borrow an item from the machine, can I return it to another library?

Items borrowed from the machine must be returned to the machine.

What do I need in order to borrow a book from the machine?

You will need to scan your student card (or manually enter your barcode number) and type in your Library PIN number (birthday: YYYYMMDD) in order to borrow or return items. You can browse or search for books by course number (e.g. FINE-441), title, author or keyword.

Is this the only location for Management course reserve materials?

No. During the testing phase, duplicate copies of items in the machine are also available at the loans desk in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library.

Why can’t I find my the reserve book for my class in the machine?

It might be borrowed already. Only books that are currently in the machine will be found when searching or browsing. You can use the computer workstation nearby to search the library’s entire reserves catalogue. This will tell you when the book is due back and if another  copy is available at the Humanities and Social Sciences library.

Who can provide assistance with the machine?

Should any issues arise, call the Humanities and Social Sciences Library loans desk at 398-4701. You can also chat with a librarian via our Ask a Librarian service (available Monday to Friday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm) using the computer workstation located near the Management Reserves Libdispenser.

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