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DVDs, videos

General principles

Where possible,

  • multimedia resources will be acquired for use by all McGill faculty, students and staff
  • public performance rights will be purchased or acquired

In those circumstances where wide access cannot be negotiated, any restrictions on access will be noted in the catalogue record and on the item.

The Library must uphold Canadian copyright law and abide by the terms and conditions in licenses.

McGill Library policy for acquiring and lending DVDs and other moving image resources

The Library will acquire stand-alone DVDs, videos, etc. with licenses permitting individual use, i.e., equivalent to "for home use".

As noted above, the Library will acquire public performance rights (PPR), where possible, to permit classroom use.

If the Library cannot acquire PPR, the catalogue record and the item will carry information indicating this restriction.

  • Public note in holdings record: For home use only.
  • Label all items with sticker:
    For home use only / Autorisation pour projection privée seulement

Licensing questions and problems are directed to the designated librarian in Collection Services who has responsibility for licensing.

Where possible, Collection Services will request from publishers/distributors written confirmation of all licensing agreements and will maintain files of licenses. These will be scanned and stored in an online database of licensing agreements.

May 14, 2007


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