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Physics collection policy

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Subject scope

The Department of Physics offers a full range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The following areas are collected: atomic and molecular physics, condensed-matter (formerly solid-state) physics, chemical physics, computational, mathematical and statistical physics, electricity and magnetism, semiconductor physics, superconductivity and low-temperature physics, mechanics and acoustics, optics, nuclear and particle physics, quantum physics, thermodynamics, nanoscience, and historical physics (for the Mossman Collection). Astrophysics, astronomy, and cosmology materials are being collected to support the astronomy and astrophysics program in the Department.

McGill Resources

The Life Sciences Library also collects in biophysics.

The Edward Rosenthall Library of Mathematics and Statistics also collects in computational and mathematical physics.

The Mossman Collection has extensive holdings in the history and philosophy of physics.

Collection Levels - definition of the collection levels employed by McGill University Library

Subjects Collection Intensity
Astronomy (QB 1 - QB 991)
general (QB 1-139) 3
practical and spherical astronomy (QB 140-237) 2
geodesy (QB 275-343) 2
theoretical astronomy and celestial mechanics (QB 349-421)
(includes perturbations, tides)
astrophysics (QB 460-466) 4
non-optical methods of astronomy (QB 468-480) 2
descriptive astronomy (QB 495-991)
(includes solar system, stars, cosmology)
Subjects Collection Intensity
Physics (QC 1 - QC 999)
general (QC 1-75)
(includes mathematical physics);
see collection policy for Civil Engineering for engineering mathematics
weights and measures (QC 81-114) 2
descriptive and experimental mechanics (QC 120-168.85)
see collection policy for Civil Engineering for applied mechanics and applied fluid mechanics;
see collection policy for Mathematics & Statistics or analytic mechanics
atomic physics (QC 170-197)
(includes quantum theory and solid-state physics);
see collection policy for Chemistry for solid state chemistry;
see also collection policy for Mining & Materials Engineering
acoustics; sound (QC 221-246) 4
heat (QC 251-338.5)
(includes thermodynamics; heat transfer)
optics; light (QC 350-467)
(includes spectroscopy);
see collection policy for Electrical & Computer Engineering for applied optics; lasers
radiation physics (general) (QC 474-496.9) 3
electricity and magnetism (QC 501-766)
(includes semiconductor physics; plasma physics);
see also collection policy for Electrical & Computer Engineering
nuclear and particle physics; atomic energy;
radioactivity (QC 770-798)
geophysics; cosmic physics (QC 801-809) 3
geomagnetism (QC 811-849) 3
see collection policy for Chemistry for quantum theory; spectroscopy; physical chemistry

McGill University Libraries Collection Policy, September 1994. Revised March 2008.

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