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Mining and materials engineering collection policy

Liaison librarian

  • Giovanna [dot] Badia [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email) 514-398-7340

History of the collection

McGill University's Department of Mining and Materials Engineeering (formerly metallurgical engineering) dates back to the late 19th century and is the oldest in Canada. The long history of the department is reflected in the rich historical collection at the Schulich Library.

The collection has continually been updated and maintained to reflect the changing needs of the department. While every effort is made reflect the current research interest of the department, gaps may develop which need attention, and suggestions to address them are welcome.

Subject scope and current collection development

The collection supports the teaching, research and learning needs of the Department of Mining and Materials Engineering, which offers courses at the undergraduate and graduate (master's and doctoral) levels.

The collection also supports:

Related McGill resources

The mining and materials collection is supported by titles in civil and chemical engineering. These titles are also maintained at the Schulich Library of Science and Engineering.

Materials in mining laws and regulations are collected by the Nahum Gelber Law Library.

General collection guidelines


English is preferred. Works published in a language other than English will be acquired if the author or the content is of sufficient importance.

Chronological coverage

Current monographic titles are purchased. The collection provides comprehensive coverage of older materials thanks to the age of the collection and the department at McGill.

Geographical coverage

No restriction

Research areas in Mining engineering

  • Engineering geology; geo-mechanics
    rock mechanics; mine support system; mine; slope stability; Numerical modeling; rockbursts; rock bolting; stability of excavation; mining methods.
  • Engineering economy and mineral economics
    Mine evaluation; taxation; financial evaluation; risk analysis; optimisation in mining.
  • Waste disposal and tailings stabilization
  • Geophysical surveying
    Near field subsurface sensing
  • Mining operations
    drilling and borehole tunneling; risk assessment and decision making; mine design; mine backfill, boring and drilling equipment
  • Sustainable mineral resource development and optimization
    Mine planning; renewable energy from mines; reserve/resource estimation, mineral resource management

Research areas in Materials engineering

  • Process Engineering
    Mathematical modeling;metal processing casting, computational fluid dynamics; refining, alloying; processing/joining bulk nanomaterials; Mineral processing: flotation; waste management; sensing; thermomechanical processing
  • Biomaterials engineering
    Polymetric biomaterials; biomimetric biopolymer tissue templates; bioactive and biodegradable composites; elastomeric rubber toughened methacrylates
  • Surface engineering
    tribology; thin films and coatings (aerospace coatings)
  • Hydrometallurgy/aqueous processing of inorganic materials
    Immobilization of pollutants from effluents; electrolyte deposition and corrosion protection; Non-ferrous pyrometallurgy
  • Physical properties of metals and materials
    Deformation processing; grain boundaries; creep behaviour; phase transformations; microstructural engineering; materials characterization (x-ray microanalysis)
  • Automotive light weight materials and advanced magnesium materials
  • Ceramics, composites and joining
    Metal foams; joining and brazing; metal-matrix composites; metal-ceramic interaction

Collection levels

Definition of the collection levels employed by McGill University Library

LC Classification Subject Collection Intensity
TA705 - TA709 Engineering geology. Rock mechanics 4
TN1 - TN215 Mining engineering (general works) 4
TN260 Economic or applied geology and mineralogy 4
TN263 - TN271 Mineral deposits. Metallic ore deposits 4
TN 265 Metallic ores (general) 4
TN269 Geophysical surveying 4
TN275 - TN325 Practical mining operations. 4
TN275 - TN292 Drilling, borehole tunneling, ventilation,lighting 4
TN295 Safety measures 4
TN297 Rescue work, stations, first aid 4
TN301 - TN309 Ventilation and lighting of mines 4
TN311 - TN320 Dangers and accidents in mines and quarries (mine dusts,explosions,fires, flooding) 4
TN321 - TN325 Mine drainage 4
TN331 - TN347 Mine transportation, haulage and hoisting. 4
TN345 Mining machinery, tools 4
TN400 - TN580 Ore deposits,mining particular metals 3b
TN600 - TN799 Metallurgy 4
TN675.5 - TN678 Metallurgical plants 4
TN681 - TN687 Electrometallurgy 4
TN689 - TN695 Metallography, Physical metallurgy 4
TN700 - TN757 Metallurgy of ferrous metals 4
TN311 - TN320, TN758 - TN799 Metallurgy of nonferrous metals 4
TN799.5 - TN948 Nonmetallic minerals 4
TN799.9 - TN817 Coal 4
TN880 - TN883 Natural gas 4
TN950 - TN997 Building and ornamental stones 1
TP810.5 Ceramic materials 4
TS200 - TS779 Metal manufactures 4

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