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Mechanical engineering collection policy

Liaison librarian

  • Tara [dot] Mawhinney [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email) 514-398-4764

Subject scope

The scope of mechanical engineering collection development at Schulich Library of Science and Engineering covers all areas taught in the Department's undergraduate and graduate programs and investigated by its researchers. Materials are collected in the areas of aerodynamics, aeronautics, applied mathematics (in conjunction with the Rosenthall Library), astronautics (aerospace engineering), automation, combustion, composite materials, computational dynamics, control engineering systems, engineering mechanics, fluid flow and dynamics, fuels, gearing, heat transfer, machine design and drawing, machinery, manufacturing management, mechanical movements, mechatronics, pipes, propulsion, pumps, robotics, solid mechanics, thermodynamics, turbines, vacuum technology, and welding.

Collection levels - definition of the collection levels employed by McGill University Library

Subjects Collection Intensity
Mechanical Engineering and Machinery (TJ 1-1570)  
general (TJ 1-211) 3
control engineering (TJ 212-225)
see collection policies for Electrical Engineering and Mathematics & Statistics
machine design and drawing (TJ 230-240) 2
combustion engineering and heat engineering (TJ 254.5-267)
(includes thermodynamics, turbines)
steam engineering (TJ 268-740)
(includes boilers, engines, locomotives)
miscellaneous motors and engines (TJ 751-805)
(includes internal combustion engines)
hydraulic machinery (TJ 836-935)
(includes pumps and pipelines)
vacuum technology (TJ 940) 3
machinery exclusive of prime movers (TJ 1040-1119)
(includes rotors, bearings, tribology)
machine shops and machine shop practice (TJ 1125-1345)
(includes machine and hand tools)
{Agricultural machinery (TJ 1480-1496) is collected mainly by Macdonald Campus Library.}  
Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics (TL 1-4050)  
motor vehicles (TL 1-272.5) 3
aeronautics (TL 500-770) 3
rocket propulsion (TL 780-785.8) 2
astronautics (TL 787-4030)
(includes space travel)

McGill University Libraries Collection Policy, September 1994. Revised March 2008.

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