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Economics collection policy

Liaison librarian

History of the Collection

Over the years primary interest has been in economic theory, economic history, public finance and international trade. Since the 1960's there has been considerable acquisition of professional literature in comparative economics, development economics and, of late, in mathematical economics. The Economics Department has expanded its area of research and teaching in these growing areas of the subject in addition to the traditional fields.

Current Collection Development

New faculty appointments have been made in many areas in the rapid expansion of the Department (fifty percent increase over the last five years): economic theory (macro and micro), comparative economic systems (with an emphasis on Russia), econometrics, economic history, history of economic thought, international trade, labour economics, mathematical economics, monetary theory, and public finance.

The primacy of periodical publications in this field is recognized and a steady effort to monitor the serials collection in conjunction with faculty has been undertaken.

Academic Programmes and Liaison

The Economics Department provides a full range of coverage for Graduate and Undergraduate studies. Master of Arts (with and without thesis) and a Ph.D. programme are available. Joint courses are available with the Faculty of Management. Collection development is the responsibility of the Economics bibliographer. Liaison with the Department is maintained through the departmental coordinator as well as with other faculty members when required. Regular contact with other subject and area bibliographers and teaching departments is maintained through the sharing of relevant review material.

McGill Resources

The Humanities and Social Sciences Library is the major location for the University's Economics collection. In addition the following McGill libraries collect economics materials corollary to their subject responsibilities: Howard Ross Management, Health Sciences, Law, Macdonald Campus (Agriculture and related fields).

Howard Ross Library of Management collects widely in the field of management including managerial economics and the applied aspects of industrial relations.

The Centre for the Study of Regulated Industries and the Documentation Centre of the Centre for Developing Area Studies provide material on these topics. The Economics Department maintains a Reading Room which collects useful material such as Working Papers.

The Government Documents Department is a depository for Canadian and Quebec government publications, as well as the United Nations, World Bank, the European Union, GATT and the ILO. Other international organizations such as the World Bank, OECD and IMF are collected selectively. It also collects official statistical sources from many countries throughout the world. The Department subscribes to the publications of the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee on microfiche.

The Walter Hitschfeld Environmental Earth Sciences Library holds Enviro-Energy Abstracts+ , an interdisciplinary environmental abstract and index, backed by full text articles on microfiche. Although most of the journals covered deal with science and technology a number of economics and business oriented titles are covered as well.

Regional Resources

Other important resources in the city include the library of the Ecole des hautes études commerciales (HEC) which has a distinguished collection with broad, international scope. The Bibliothèque des lettres et sciences humaines of the Université de Montréal has a strong economics and industrial relations collection and collects very comprehensively in demography and population theory. Special libraries belonging to businesses or governmental agencies, e.g. Royal Bank of Canada Library, (Place Ville Marie) Statistics Canada (Complexe Guy Favreau) hold specialized documentation in their fields and normally give access to university level researchers.

Consortia and Document Delivery

The Center for Research Libraries in Chicago, a consortium to which McGill belongs holds many basic documents, foreign dissertations, trade statistics, census materials, central bank reports. The Center also subscribes to Economic Working Papers (in microform) from 1974 onward.

Research Libraries Group and OCLC memberships provide access to vast bibliographic databases and efficient document delivery systems based on the holdings of North America's most eminent research collections.

General Collection Guidelines

Languages: English is the primary language of the collection; works published in French are purchased selectively Quebec material more extensively than European publications. Significant works in other languages are sought in English or French translations. Publications in other languages are purchased very selectively.

Chronological Coverage: Special emphasis is on collecting materials for the modern period (most recent thirty years).

Geographical Coverage: Priorities are as follows: 1. Canada and the United States 2. East and South Asia 3. Western Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe 4. Middle East and SubSaharan Africa 5. Other countries.

Treatment of the Subject: Scholarly treatment is emphasized. Textbooks and introductory works are not normally acquired unless they are course oriented.

Date of Publication: Emphasis is on current publications. Retrospective acquisitions are only made of economic classics, works of classical economists or to rectify neglected areas. Where possible replacements of important books which have deteriorated or disappeared are made.

Subjects and Levels of Collecting

Definitions of levels from the American Library Association's Guide for Written Collection Policy Statements, 2nd. ed. 1996. The subject headings and arrangement of topics have been taken from the Journal of Economic Literature.

Definitions of Collection Levels

Methodology and History of Economic Thought 3b  
 History of Economic Thought through 1925    
 History of Economic Thought since 1925    
 History of Thought: Individuals    
 Economic Methodology    
Mathematical and Quantitative Methods 3b  
 Econometric and Statistical Methods    
 Econometric Modelling    
 Mathematical Methods and Programming    
 Game Theory and Bargaining Theory    
 Data Collection and Data Estimation Methodology;
   Computer Programs
 Design of Experiments    
Microeconomics 3b  
 Household Behaviour and Family Economics    
 Production and Organizations    
 Market Structure and Pricing    
 General Equilibrium and Disequilibrium    
 Economic Welfare    
 Analysis of Collective Decision-Making (with Political Science)    
 Information and Uncertainty    
 Intertemporal Choice and Growth    
Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics 3b  
 General Aggregative Models    
 Consumption, Saving, Production Employment and Investment    
 Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles    
 Money and Interest Rates    
 Monetary Policy, Central Banking and the Supply of Money and
 Macroeconomic Aspects of Public Finance, Macroeconomic
    Policy, and General Outlook
International Economics 3b  
 Trade, Protectionism    
 International Finance    
 Economic Integration    
 International Business (with Howard Ross
Library of Management)
Financial Economics 3b 4
 Financial Institutions and Services    
 Corporate Finance and Governance (with Howard Ross Library of Management)    
 Capital Markets    
 Global Investment (with Howard Ross Management Library)    
Public Finance (with Political Science) 3b  
 Structure and Scope of Government    
 Taxation and Subsidies    
 Fiscal Policies and Behaviour of Economic Agents (with Political Science)    
 Publicly Provided Goods    
 National Government Expenditures and Related Policies    
 National Budget, Deficit and Debt    
 State and Local Government, Intergovernmental Relations    
Health, Education and Welfare 2  
 Health (largely collected by Health Sciences Library)    
 Education (with Education Library)    
 Welfare (with Social Work bibliographer)    
 Labour and Demographic Economics 3a  
 Demographic Economics 2  
 Time Allocation, Work Behaviour and Employment Determination 3b  
 Wages, Compensation and Labour Cost 3b  
 Particular Labour Markets 3a 3b
 Mobility, Unemployment and Vacancies 3a 3b
 Discrimination 3a 3b
Industrial Organization (with Howard Ross Management Library) 3b  
 Market Structure, Firm Strategy and Market Performance    
 Firm Objectives, Organization and Behaviour    
&nbspNon-profit Organizations and Public Enterprise ;    
 Anti-trust Policy    
 Regulation and Deregulation, Industrial Policy    
 Industry Studies: Manufacturing    
 Industry Studies: Primary Products and Construction    
 Industry Studies: Services    
 Industry Studies: Utilities and Transportation    
Business Administration (collected by Howard Ross Management Library) 0  
 Business Administration    
 Business Economics    
 Marketing and Advertising    
Economic History 1960+ (for pre-1960 see History policy) 3a 3b
Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth 3a 3b
 Economic Development    
 Development Planning and Policy    
 Technological Change    
 Economic Growth and Aggregate Productivity    
 Economywide Country Studies    
Economic Systems (capitalism, socialism etc.including comparative studies) 3a  
Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics 2  
 Agriculture 2  
 Renewable Resources and Conservation, Environmental Management 3b 4
 Nonrenewable Resources and Conservation (Ecological Economics) 3b 4
Urban, Rural and Regional Economics (with Howard Ross, Urban Planning,Geography and Hitschfeld bibliographers) 3a  
 General Spatial Economics 3a 3b
 Household Analysis 1  
 Production Analysis and Firm Location 3b  
 Transportation Systems 2  
 Regional Government Analysis 1  
Other Special Topics    
 Cultural Economics 1  

Canada 4  
United States 3b  
Western Europe 3a 3b
Russia and Eastern Europe
see Slavic and East European policies
Latin America and the Caribbean 3a 3b
Middle East, Africa, Australia 3a  
East Asia, ASEAN and South Asia 3a  

Coordination and Cooperation

McLennan Reference Department: Recommendations for the purchase of reference works are forwarded to Reference.

McLennan Government Documents: Regular communication with Government Documents concerning government published documentation of special interest for economic studies.

Management: Because there are so many overlapping interests the economics bibliographers for McLennan and Howard Ross meet regularly.

Agriculture: Agricultural Economics is collected by Macdonald Campus Library.

Geography: Close consultation with the Geography bibliographer. Economic geography and Environmental Economics are largely the province of the Geography Bibliographer and MacDonald Campus Library.

Health Sciences: Regular communication is maintained to determine areas of overlapping interests. The Health Sciences Library is considered the prime locations for materials on health economics.

History: Economic History prior to 1960 is collected by the History Bibliographer. Some business/company history is collected by the Howard Ross Management Library.

Political Science: Political Economy is largely covered by Political Science.

Plans for Further Development

Review of "economics" serials in conjunction with other Quebec universities.

Clarify collections policies with Law and Howard Ross bibliographers on the selection of publications dealing with the ethical and legal concerns of economists, as well as for the field of business history.

Descriptions of the Collection

Serials and standing order lists are available from the bibliographer.

Interim Collection Policy

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