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Civil engineering collection policy

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Purpose and scope

The purpose of this document is to describe the Schulich Library guidelines for supporting teaching and research conducted by the Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics. The Department offers degrees at the Bachelors level (B.Eng.), Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), and Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). While the program covers the core subjects of civil engineering, specializations are available in the following research areas:

With the advent of electronic publishing, McGill Library centralized the acquisition of its periodicals, indexing and abstracting databases and e-books. As of 2006, electronic materials represented 52% of the total library materials (Association of Research Libraries Statistics, 2005-2006). This overall number underrepresents the electronic collection in the Science, Technology, and Medical (STM) fields. We are constantly working toward an increased electronic coverage as it enables access to scholarly literature 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

This centralization effort for the acquisition of electronic materials and our participation in various consortia such as the Bureau de cooperation interuniversitaire (BCI) and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) enables the Library to provide and maintain a research level collection and provide access to major indexing and abstracting databases in the field. The Library also provides faculty members and graduate students with a "just-in-time" document delivery service for journal articles and conference proceedings not held at the Library.

Collection development guidelines

Required reading acquisitions

It is our goal that all of the required materials for courses (textbooks, journal articles, DVDs) be included in the collection. The Course Reserves collection ensures fair access for all students by providing access to selected materials on a short term loan period. Because of the increasing high availability of electronic materials, we recommend inclusion of persistent links within WebCT whenever the electronic format is available. This provides students with unlimited simultaneous access while meeting most licensing agreement requirements. The reserve request form can be used to request material to be placed on Course Reserves. A short tutorial on how to view the Course Reserves is also available.

Book acquisitions

As of 2008, the McGill e-books collection includes more than two million titles. The preferred acquisition model for e-books is through the purchase of large sets. Examples of large sets purchases include:

Most of the monographic selection, outside of sets purchase, is automated using selection profiling tools. It is essential that the Liaison Librarian and the Departmental Representative review the profile below frequently to ensure profile relevancy with Faculty research interests.

Suggestions for book acquisition can be made using our online form to suggest a purchase. Whenever available, e-books format will be selected over the print version.

Journal acquisitions

McGill Library, along with its consortiums partners, favors the purchase of electronic journal titles (full text) produced by a publisher, bundled, and sold as an all-or-nothing deal. Examples of STM packages include:

Through the Catalogue we are also making available extensive Open Access collection. For example, the Catalogue will resolve link to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

Requests for journal acquisition can be made by email to your Liaison Librarian. Note that a Collection Development Committee is in the process of being established, and one of the main roles of this Committee will be to make system-wide decisions as to what should be ordered from these requests, keeping in mind the needs of all disciplines.

Print cancellation policy

Whenever a title is available electronically and we own a perpetual license to it, the print format will be cancelled.

Collection levels

The collection development profile below uses the Collection levels employed by McGill University Library.

LC Classification Description Collection level
HE1 - HE9900 Transportation and Communications  
HE194 Transportation safety (general) 2
HE305 - HE314 Urban transportation 3b
HE315 - HE322 Rural transportation 3b
HE331 - HE380.7 Traffic engineering Roads 4
HE380.8 - HE1000 Water transportation. 3b
HEHE1001 - HE5600 Railways 3b
HE4201 - HE5350 Local transit. Subways 4
HE5601 - HE5735 Automotive transportation 3b
HE5736 - HE5745 Bicycles 3b
HE5746 - HE5750 Stage lines. 3b
TA1 - TA2040 Engineering (General) Civil Engineering (General)  
TA1 - TA156 General. History 2
TA157 - TA158 Engineering as a profession 1
TA159 - TA163 Technical education. Research 3b
TA164 Bioengineering 4
TA165 Engineering instruments 3b
TA166 - TA167 Human engineering 3b
TA168 - TA169 Systems engineering. Reliability 3b
TA170 - TA173 Environmental engineering 4
TA174 - TA176 Engineering design 4
TA177 - TA200 Engineering economy. Management 3b
TA201 - TA328 Contractors’ operations. Engineering law. 2
TA329 - TA341 Engineering mathematics 3b
TA342 - TA344 Mathematical models 3b
TA345 - TA348 Electronic data processing 3b
TA349 - TA364 Mechanics of engineering. Fluid mechanics 3b
TA368 - TA494 Standards. Materials 3b
TA495 - TA500 Disasters and engineering 3b
TA501 - TA629 Surveying 3b
TA630 - TA702 Structural engineering 3b
TA630 - TA644 General 3b
TA645 - TA657 Structural analysis 3b
TA658 - TA702 Structural design 3b
TA706 - TA889 Rock. Soil mechanics 4
TA800 - TA820 Tunnelling 3b
TA890 - TA899 Iron and steel work 3b
TA900 - TA1000 Protection of structures 3b
TA1001 - TA1500 Transportation engineering 4
TC1 - TC1800 Hydraulic 3b
TD1 - TD1066 Environmental Technology. Sanitary Engineering  
TD1 - TD157 General. History 3b
TD158 - TD168 Remote sensing. Municipal engineering 3b
TD169 - TD171 Environmental protection 3b
TD172 - TD192 Environmental pollution. Remediation 3b
TD193 Environmental chemistry. 3b
TD195.4 - TD200 Special environment pollutants. Acid rain 3b
TD201 - TD510 Water supply 4
TD201 - TD364 General. History 3b
TD365 - TD389 Water quality.Monitoring.Conservation 3b
TD390 - TD418 Sources of water supply 4
TD419 - TD428 Water pollution 4
TD429 - TD480 Water reuse. Purification 4
TD481 - TD510 Water distribution. 4
TD511 - TD780 Sewage. Solid wastes 4
TD785 - TD812.5 Municipal refuse 4
TD813 - TD870 Street cleaning. Litter and its removal 1
TD 878-880 Soil pollution Collected at Macdonald Campus Library
TD881 - TD890 Air pollution 4
TD891 - TD894 Noise pollution 4
TD895 - TD919 Industrial sanitation. Radioactive waste 3b
TD895 - TD899 Industrial sanitation. Industrial waste 3b
TD920 - TD939 Rural sanitary engineering 3b
TD940 - TD1019 Low temperature sanitary engineering 3b
TD1020 - TD1066 Hazardous substances and their disposal 3b
TE1 - TE450 Highway Engineering. Roads and Pavements 4
TF1 - TF1620 Railroad Engineering and Operation 4
TG1 - TG470 Bridge Engineering 4
TH1 - TH9999 Building Construction 3b
TS780 - TS799 Stonework 3b
TS800 - TS939 Wood technology 3b

Subjects not covered in this policy are engineering geology and rock mechanics (collected by Mining and Materials Engineering).

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