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Chemical engineering collection policy

Liaison librarian

  • Giovanna [dot] Badia [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email) 514-398-7340

Subject scope

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers degrees at the Bachelors (BEng), Masters (MEng), and Ph.D. levels.

The scope of chemical engineering collection development at Schulich Library includes all areas taught and researched at McGill. The aim is to support a research level collection in the fundamental principles of chemical engineering, and in the following research areas:

Collection development

General collection guidelines


English is preferred. Works published in a language other than English will be acquired if the author or the content is of sufficient importance.

Chronological Coverage

Current monographic titles are purchased. The collection provides comprehensive coverage of older materials thanks to the age of the collection and the department at McGill.

Geographical Coverage

No restriction.

McGill Resources

The Life Sciences Library contains materials dealing with environmental health and biotechnology, and biomedical engineering.

Macdonald Campus Library contains materials dealing with bioresource engineering/environmental engineering, biotechnology, food processing & manufacture, and fermentation.

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Collection levels

Definition of the collection levels employed by McGill University Library

LC Classification Description Collection level
TP1 - TP1185 Chemical Technology  
TP1 - TP154 General 3b
TP155 - TP156 Chemical Engineering 4
TP200 - TP248 Manufacture and use of chemicals 4
TP248.13 - TP248.65 Biotechnology 4
TP249 - TP261 Industrial Radiochemistry, Photochemistry, Electrochemistry 3b
TP315 - TP360 Fuel (includes alternative fuels) 3b
TP368 - TP456 Food processing and manufacture 2
TP480 - TP498 Low temperature engineering; refrigeration 2
TP500 - TP660 Fermentation industries 1
TP690 - TP692.4 Petroleum refining and products 3b
TP751 - TP770 Gas industry/Acetylene Industry 3b
TP785 - TP888 Clay industries; ceramics; glass; cement industries 2
TP890 - TP933 Textile dyeing and printing 1
TP934 - TP949 Paints, pigments, varnishes etc. 2
TP950 - TP1079 Miscellaneous organic industries 2
TP1080 - TP1185 Polymers, plastics and their manufacture 4
  Plasma technology 4

Last updated March 2009

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