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Friends of the Library

Author Anny Scoones discusses the life and work of her mother, the iconic Canadian painter Molly Lamb Bobak at the McGill Library Research Commons in the spring of 2016.

Friends of the Library

Author Michael Ondaatje signs books for guests at the 2014 Hugh MacLennan Memorial Lecture.

Friends of the Library

CBC radio host, Rosanna Deerchild interviews Governor General’s Award winning author, Thomas King at the 2016 Hugh MacLennan Memorial Lecture, presented in partnership with the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival.

Friends of the Library

The Globe and Mail’s national affairs columnist Jeffrey Simpson gives the 2014 F.R. Scott Lecture in the Birks Reading Room.

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library Chair, Ann Vroom presents Dr. Rolando Del Maestro with the 2015 Friend of the Year Award.

Friends of the Library

Acclaimed actor, director, and teacher Martha Henry explores scansion at the 2014 Shakespeare Lecture.

Friends of the Library

Actors Deborah Hay and Ben Carlson in conversation with Professor Paul Yachnin at the 2015 Shakespeare Lecture, presented in partnership with the Stratford Festival.

Friends of the Library

House of Anansi President & Publisher Sarah MacLachlan talks about the realities of publishing in the age of digital distraction at the 2015 Hugh MacLennan Memorial Lecture.

Friends of the Library

Jonathan Kay, Editor-in-Chief of The Walrus Magazine addresses the current state of journalism at the 2015 F.R. Scott Lecture.

A Word of Welcome from the Chair

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved with great university libraries – and McGill’s is one of the greatest.

A sea change is underway in how libraries are being perceived and used by students, professors and the broader community – fuelled in great part by a wave of technological innovations - that will make them more vital and vibrant than ever before. Libraries are transforming themselves across the globe from being not only great repositories of accumulated knowledge, but also active centres of learning and teaching.

The McGill University Library is considered among the finest in North American, with special recognition of its e-collections as one of the best in Canada and its internationally important Rare Books and Special Collections.

In the eighties a volunteer group of advocates came together as The Friends of the Library  to promote and support this great treasure. Our mission has been to nurture community interest in McGill libraries, create awareness of its rich resources and cultivate support for its collections.

To this end we offer a program of three, free, endowed public lectures each year to which we invite distinguished novelists, actors, judges, broadcasters, historians and among others to speak. We also host a series of smaller talks with noted speakers.

I invite you to join Friends of the Library and further, invite another friend or colleague to join with you. I am confident that you will enjoy being part of this group of library aficionados, the programs we offer, and most importantly, the wonderful resource and richness that is the McGill Library.

In the first edition of his dictionary in 1806, Noah Webster defined a friend as, “a dependable companion.” How wonderfully simple and wonderfully complete! The more dependable companions we have to support and sustain the initiatives of McGill’s great Libraries the better. I look forward to having you join The Friends!

Ann Vroom, BA’67
Chair,  McGill Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library is a not-for-profit organization of McGill Library advocates. We raise awareness about the McGill Library’s extraordinary resources.

Our members are McGill alumni, students, staff and faculty as well as a host of other Library and McGill enthusiasts from around North America.

The Friends of the Library Committee invites you to join and become a Friend of the Library! Please visit our Membership page for more information.

The Friends host numerous lectures and special events over the course of the academic year. Please visit our Events page for a listing and to RSVP.

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