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Forms and reference materials

*Please refer to the Home page to determine which forms are required for your particular situation.

Required from all students:

Quebec Permanent Code Data Form [.pdf] - Form to request the creation of a Quebec permanent code.

By when should I submit my legal documents?

To avoid incorrect billing and unnecessary interest charges, please submit your legal documents as early as possible prior to the term for which you are requesting an update to your tuition status.

The final deadlines for submitting complete required documents to prove Quebec residency are the following:

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How/where to send your legal documents

Send in all your documents after you have been accepted to McGill and before you arrive on campus. Do not send us originals. Please email, or mail a clear and legible copy (for faxes, please read below).

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What documents to submit

What documents do I need to send to McGill?

To obtain a definitive summary of the specific legal documents and related forms you are required to submit in order to substantiate your particular tuition situation, please refer to the overview for step-by-step guidelines on how to use this website. You may also refer directly to the main legal documents page.

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How can you verify if we have received your documents?

Québec/Canadian/International fees

It usually takes us 10 to 15 working days to receive and record your documents.

  • Check your tuition status on the Minerva:
    Student Menu->Student Accounts Menu->View your Tuition and Legal Status.
  • Check the phrase: Fees currently calculated according to rules for: .

How to use this site

Overview of legal documents you need to submit: a step-by-step guide to help you determine which legal documents we will require from you in order to update your tuition and immigration status.

  1. From the main page, determine which documents you need to submit:
    • Select the menu item corresponding to whether you are a Quebec resident; a Canadian from another province or territory; or an international student (including USA).
    • By selecting the situation(s) that best describe you, navigate
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Contact Service Point

If you have further questions concerning the legal documents required by McGill, contact us by any of the following means:


Current Students



In person:

Service Point
3415 McTavish Street (corner Sherbrooke)
Montreal QC  H3A 0C8

Visit the Service Point website for a list of available services and the hours of operation.


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