Privacy Law, Social Engagement and Concerns for the Future: Perspectives of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada


Chancellor Day Hall Maxwell Cohen Moot Court (room 100), 3644 rue Peel, Montreal, QC, H3A 1W9, CA

With a majority of Canadians using Facebook and over 15 million global users of Gmail, much of our social interaction is analyzed and archived by private interests.

The introduction of marketing techniques such as behavioral analysis allow for a deep analysis of our personal information: relationships, daily patterns and personal characteristics (such purchasing patterns, sexual orientation and civil status) in order to present us with products and services.

On top of the opportunities technological advancement has provided for marketers to learn about their audience and for people to interact in general, it also provides both challenge and opportunity for law enforcement. Each of these trends has tremendous implications for personal privacy.

As notions of privacy rapidly change, this session with Privacy Commissioner of Canada Jennifer Stoddart Me Patricia Kosseim will attempt to address emerging concerns, new technological developments and the legal framework that surrounds this issue. This will be followed by a discussion moderated by Jonathan Elston, mediator and law student at McGill University.

UPDATE, 18 JAN: Mrs Stoddart will not be able to attend, and will be replaced by Me Patricia Kosseim, Senior General Counsel and Director General of the Legal Services, Policy and Research Branch at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Me Kosseim regularly steps in for Mrs Stoddart in such situations.

Organized by McGill's Continuing Studies' Personal and Cultural Enrichment (PACE) program.

This lecture has been accredited by the Barreau du Québec for 1.5 hours of Continuing Legal Education: no. 10060871.

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