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Archives 2011-2012

This are the calendar and presentation files from the Pensée d'avance | Think Ahead Continuing Education Series for 2010-2011.

Please take note that consulting these files does not constitute a training activity as accredited by the Barreau du Québec.

Winter term

Abuse of Process, SLAPPs, art. 54.1: What awaits us in the new Code of Civil Procedure?
January 24, 2012 (6-9 pm)
Speakers: Profs Frédéric Bachand & Roderick Macdonald, and the Honourable Louis-Paul Cullen.
Presentation - Prof. F. Bachand [.ppt]
Presentation - Prof. R. Macdonald [.pptx]
Barreau activity no. 10047859.

Law of the Environment, from Sea to Space
February 28, 2012 (6-9 pm)
Speakers: Profs Jaye Ellis, Ram Jakhu & Richard Janda.
Presentation - Prof. Ram_Jakhu [.pdf]
Presentation - Prof. Jaye Ellis [.pptx]
Barreau activity no. 10048626.

The Common Law: Restitution and Remedies
March 27, 2012 (6-9 pm)
Speakers: Prof. Steve Smith & Me Ryan Rabinovitch.
Presentation - Prof. Smith.pptx [.pptx]
Presentation - Me rabinovitch.ppt [.ppt]
Barreau activity no. 10049789.

Fall term

Health Law and Ethics
October 25, 2011 (6-9 pm)
Speakers: Profs Angela Campbell & Lara Khoury.
Présentation - Prof. Lara Khoury [.pptx]
Presentation - Prof. Angela Campbell. [.pptx]
Barreau activity no. 10042652.

Criminal Law
November 22, 2011 (6-9 pm)
Speakers: Profs Alana Klein & Payam Akhavan, and Me Suzanne Costom
Présentation - Suzanne Costom [.pptx]
Barreau activity no. 10043861.