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Inter-university transfer (IUT)

Taking courses at other Quebec universities

McGill law students may, with the permission of the Student Affairs Office, register at any university in the province of Quebec for three, or exceptionally, six credits per term. These courses, subject to faculty regulations, will be recognized by McGill for the purpose of the student's degree.

Law students who wish apply must complete the online application to transfer credits available on the website of the CREPUQ (under Autorisation d’études hors établissement).

Deadlines: Students must respect the registration deadlines of both McGill University and the host institution.

For more information, see the Faculty of Law's section on Outside Credits and McGill's Student Information: Quebec Inter-University Transfer website.

Transfer credits taken at other universities will appear on your Minerva record once the offering university has provided us with an official transcript. Your McGill transcript will only indicate the number of transfer credits obtained. It will not show any grades for courses taken at other institutions, and the grades will not be included in the calculation of your grade point average (GPA).

Applications for courses must be submitted by:

  • Fall term: August 15
  • Winter term: December 15
  • Summer term: April 15 (May courses); May 15 (June courses); June 15 (July courses)

Applications submitted after the specified deadlines will not be approved.

You may follow up on the status of your application by logging in to the CREPUQ form. Be sure to read any comments added to your application.