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Non-course credits and outside credits

Non-Course Credits

The total number of non-course credits taken throughout the program may not exceed fifteen.

The following courses fall within the category of non-course credits:

PRAC 510 Advanced Mooting 1 (3)
PRAC 511 Advanced Mooting 2 (3)
WRIT 440 Clerkship A (6)
WRIT 441 Clerkship B (3)
WRIT 048 Group Assistants (2)
WRIT 433 Legal Clinic 1 (6)
WRIT 434 Legal Clinic 2 (3)
WRIT 435Legal Clinic 3 (3)
WRIT 016 Legal Methodology Teaching Group 1 (4)
WRIT 017 Legal Methodology Teaching Group 2 (4)
WRIT 020 International Human Rights Internship (6)*
WRIT 001 McGill Law Journal - Editor-in-Chief (6)
WRIT 002 McGill Law Journal - Executive Editor (6)
WRIT 003 McGill Law Journal - Managing Editor (6)
WRIT 004 McGill Law Journal - Senior Editorial Board (3)
WRIT 332 McGill Law Journal - Senior Management Board (2)
WRIT 008 McGill Law Journal - Associate Editor (4)
WRIT 009 McGill Law Journal - Case Comments Editor (4)
WRIT 010 McGill Law Journal - Book Reviews Editor (4)
WRIT 011 McGill Law Journal - Junior Editorial Board (3)
WRIT 333 McGill Law Journal - Junior Management Board (2)
WRIT 330 McGill Law Journal - Electronic Editor (3)
WRIT 331 McGill Law Journal - Citations Editor (4)
* Human Rights Internships only counts for 3 non-course credits.

The following courses may be taken only twice during a student's law program: Legal Clinic (3 credits) and Research Seminars.

The following courses can be taken only once: Group Assistants, Legal Methodology Teaching Groups, Clerkships, Legal Clinic (6 credits) and Student-Initiated Seminars.

Outside Credits

A limited number of the elective credits required for the BCL/LLB degree may be obtained as follows:

  1. Outside Law Credits: Approved courses taken at other faculties of law.
  2. Outside Non-Law Credits: Approved courses taken at other faculties at McGill University or other universities.

A. Outside Law Credits

Students having successfully completed two terms in the Faculty may apply to receive credit for outside law courses for a maximum of 6 credits (see below for the total number of outside credits allowed). Prior approval of the Director, Student Affairs Office must be obtained. Students must ensure official transcripts are sent directly to the SAO. Transcripts sent directly to the student and opened will NOT be considered as official. Application for outside credits must be made through Minerva by using the Study Away Application.

Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

Students who participate in an approved exchange or study abroad program may obtain a maximum of 15 law credits during their exchange or study abroad term. See the Exchange and study abroad programs pages on our website.

B. Outside Non-Law Credits

No Faculty approval is required for non-law courses taken at McGill for credit towards the B.C.L./LL.B. Program. As of May 6, 2010, Faculty restrictions for Arts and Science courses only have been modified in order to facilitate the registration process for students in the Faculty of Law. The new procedure will enable Law students to register in Arts and Science courses directly via Minerva (as other undergraduate students do), provided that there are no other course restrictions set by the course offering department (such as by student program, year, or course capacity).

Students who do not meet the course offering departmental criteria to register for a specific course on Minerva must request permission from said department. If permission is granted, the department will assign a permit override allowing the student to register via Minerva. Students unsure if a course will satisfy the non-law course requirement should contact the Student Affairs Office before registration. Courses outside of Arts & Science will still require the application to undertake outside course form.

For courses taken outside McGill, prior approval to undertake credits from another institution must be obtained from the Director. Application for outside credits must be made through Minerva by using the Study Away Application.

Students are reminded that non-law courses are meant to encourage genuine interest in subjects having a complementary character to, or an interdisciplinary connection with, their legal studies, in the pursuit of an intellectually rigorous liberal education. While students are free to choose their non-law courses, they are strongly encouraged to consider the following when making their selection:

  1. The nature and scope of their pre-law academic record: Non-law courses should not duplicate work already done and should be of a higher level than work already accomplished in a given discipline.
  2. Their program of studies within the Law Faculty: Non-law courses should, in their scope and character, be a complement to legal studies leading to a law degree. In particular, non-law courses should not be pursued in the Summer term merely to reduce or supplement the number of credits taken in the Fall and Winter terms.

C. Outside Courses Taken at a Quebec University

Students who apply to take outside courses (law or non-law) in a Québec university must also complete the online application to transfer credits available on the CREPUQ website (click on Autorisation d’études hors établissement).

D. Total Number of Outside Credits Permitted (Law and Non-Law Credits)

Unless they are participating in an approved exchange or study abroad program, students may obtain a maximum of 12 outside credits to count towards their BCL/LLB: 6 outside law credits and 6 outside non-law credits. Students who do not wish to complete non-law credits may choose to take an additional 6 outside law credits (for a total of 12 outside law credits).

Students who participate in an approved exchange or study abroad program may obtain a maximum of 21 outside credits to count towards their BCL/LLB: 15 exchange/study abroad (law) credits and 6 outside credits (law and/or non-law credits).