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Verification and Access to Student Records

Students are responsible for the correctness and completeness of their records. While the Associate Dean (Academic), the Assistant Dean (Internal Affairs) and the Student Affairs Office staff are available to give advice and guidance, the ultimate responsibility for course selection, compliance with and completion of program and degree requirements, and observance of regulations and deadlines rests with the student.

It is your responsibility to inform yourself of the program requirements and to seek guidance to clarify doubts or to resolve problems.

Verification Period

Verification Period occurs twice during an academic year, in October and February. Students are responsible for verifying their academic record on Minerva using the unofficial transcript to ensure that they are registered in the proper courses, and that the correct program information and expected term of graduation is appearing on their record.

Checking prior to graduating

Graduating students must make sure to verify their record on Minerva prior to the end of term in which they are graduating to ensure that the correct expected term of graduation is indicated on their unofficial transcript; if not, the student may be overlooked for graduation. Use the Verify your degree requirements form for this. Direct any questions or problems with your record to the SAO.

Access to student records

Quebec legislation respecting Privacy and Access to Information has formalized dealings with student files. Consequently, personal information, including transcripts of academic records, may only be released with the authorisation of the student.

In particular, information relating to the overall standing of an individual student is confidential and cannot be furnished to prospective employers without the consent of that student.

The Faculty does not rank undergraduate students, but we do publish a table of cumulative averages.

Students who wish to review their file must send an info [dot] law [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email the SAO) in order to make an appointment. Allow a minimum of 4 working days for processing the request.

Students MUST verify their record on Minerva (printed copies will not be provided) and report any errors or omissions to the SAO by the last day of Verification week @ 15:00.

REMEMBER, your record is your responsibility. Take the time and check your record carefully to ensure you are meeting the degree requirements. Undergraduate students may verify their requirements by completing a Degree Audit Form, found on the Forms and documents for law students page.

All students must verify the following:

  1. Make sure your name is properly spelled. Corrections regarding accents, apostrophes, hyphens, periods, blank spaces and case may be done on MINERVA. Legal name changes must be recorded at the Admissions and Registrar’s Admissions Office (ARRO). You will need to provide official documentation, e.g. passport, birth certificate, as proof, to the ARRO.
  2. Confirm the courses you are taking this term are correctly listed.
  3. Check that the program information is indicated correctly.
  4. Verify your address. If incorrect, DO NOT write it on your verification; to record an address change, use MINERVA.
  5. If you are graduating, check that the "Expect to Graduate" flag is on your record, added via Minerva, See McGill Student Records: Apply to graduate.