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List of discretionary prizes & scholarships

Each year, the Faculty awards a number of prizes and scholarships for continuing and graduating students. To ensure fairness and transparency, the Prizes and Scholarships Committee has developed an on-line application form for awards having a discretionary component. These discretionary awards & scholarships are listed below.

If you wish to nominate a student for a discretionary prize & scholarship, you must complete the Nomination form for discretionary prizes [web; offline until 2014].

List of discretionary prizes (Click for full list of prizes and descriptions)

  1. Blake, Cassells & Graydon LL.P. Scholarship
  2. Borden Ladner Gervais Professional Excellence Award
  3. Cheryl Rosa Teresa Doran Award
  4. Daniel Mettarlin Memorial Scholarship
  5. David Litner, QC Award
  6. H.E. Herschorn Prize
  7. John E. Crankshaw Prize
  8. John W. Cook, K.C. Prize
  9. Kark Claxton, Jr. Memorial Award
  10. Richard Golick Extracurricular Achievement Prize
  11. Rosa B. Gualtieri Prize
  12. Stanley Kandestin, QC Prize
  13. Thomas Alexander Rowat Prize