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Coming to McGill: Student Exchange Feedback Form

We invite law students who have come to McGill on exchange to provide feedback on their experience that they feel would be useful to the Faculty of Law at McGill University.

Do not hesitate to be candid in your assessment, as your feedback will help us improve services to future students coming here on exchange.

(university you are coming from)
(example: winter 2012 session)
Do you have any comments regarding the registration materials, the general information provided, etc. you received before coming here?
Did you experience any difficulties? Do you have advice for other exchange students?
What did you think of the selection of courses? How did you find the workload?
Did you have a problem with language barriers? How did you overcome them?
Do you have any comments on student services at the Faculty of Law (accessibility, resourcefulness, helpful, etc.)?
How would you rate student life here at McGill (social and academic)? What was good? What could be better?
What personal and academic benefits did you derive from participating in the exchange program?
Please write down any other comments, suggestions, etc. you'd like to make. Is there anything you wish you had known in advance or is there anything that could be done in the future to improve the experience?