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Going on exchange: Feedback Form for McGill Law students who went on exchange

We invite McGill Law students who have gone on exchange to provide feedback that they feel would be useful to future exchange applicants at the Faculty of Law.

Do not hesitate to be candid in your assessment, as your feedback will help future applicants with the exchange process. 

Please use your preferred email address

I agree to be contacted by students interested in participating in this program at the above email address

(example: Fall 2013 or Winter 2014)

Do you have any feedback on the exchange process at McGill University?

For example, do you have any comments regarding the application process or the general information you received before leaving?

What was your experience sorting out housing, student visa and health insurance?

Did you experience any difficulties? What was the cost of living?

Was housing expensive? What about food, transportation and social events?

What about your academic experience?

What did you think of your exchange courses and evaluation? Was the workload manageable?

Did you have a problem with language barriers? How did you overcome them?

What was it like living in your new city? Was it difficult to adjust to anything in particular? Were there specific culture shocks to overcome?

How would you rate student life at your host university (social and academic)? What did you enjoy? What could be better?

Is there any item you would suggest future students bring with them on exchange?

(Example: a particular travel guide, language dictionary, clothing for a different climate...)

What personal and academic benefits did you derive from participating in the exchange program? 

Final remarks. Is there anything else you wish you had known in advance, or is there anything that could be done in the future to improve the experience?