Principal David Johnston Medal for Contribution application form

Application deadline: May 1st, each year.

Each year, the Faculty of Law of McGill awards the Principal David L. Johnston Medal for Contribution to the student who completes the McGill B.C.L./LL.B. program with highly distinguished standing, while having contributed in an outstanding manner to the Faculty in the areas of academic, social and community life. 

The terms of application of the Johnston Medal are as follows:

  1. “highly distinguished standing” refers to those students who fall within the top 10% of their graduating cohort; and
  2. “outstanding contribution” will take into account contributions in the areas of academic, social, and community activities. Activities for which students have already received credits or remuneration will be given less weight.

To measure “outstanding contribution”, the Prizes and Scholarships Committee has developed this self-reporting form. If you complete all your Faculty requirements in the top 10% of the graduating cohort, you are encouraged to submit an application. The Committee must work under strict time limitations to award all Faculty prizes, so be clear and concise, and start thinking about your responses before the end of the exam period.

This form has separated activities into three categories: academic, social, and community. Because these sometimes overlap, we have provided examples for each.

Through the use of this questionnaire, the Committee will endeavour to minimize the subjectivity inherent in the awarding of such a medal. It is therefore crucial that you fill it in as honestly and completely as possible.

This form can be saved as a draft, so you can come back at a later time to continue filling it out. It is comprised of 5 sections.

You will receive an copy of your application by email once you have submitted the form.