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Law Student Affairs forms


Report a conflict in your examination dates. Examination conflict report [.doc]
Defer an exam. Deferred examination form (rev. Winter 2013) [.docx] 
Sign an exam confidentiality agreement. Exam confidentiality agreement (rev. Winter 2013) [.docx]
View or pick up an exam or graded paper submitted during the previous term of the current academic year. Request to View Exams and Papers  [.pdf] (rev. June 05, 2014)
Review the mark of an exam or graded paper. Review of a Final Grade Application Form [.pdf] (rev. June 05, 2014)

Course Selection

As a Comité des Equivalence student Bar Equivalence - Course Selection [.doc]
As a Transfer or Advanced Standing student Transfer Student or Advanced Standing Student - Course Selection Form [.doc]
As a Exchange or Visiting student Exchange student and visiting student course selection form [.doc]
Become a Group Assistant. Group Assistant Application Form [.doc]
Take a graduate level course as an undergraduate or graduate student. MINERVA course form [.pdf]

Take an outside course (Law or Non-Law), students can now apply via the Minerva Exchange/Study Away menu.

Processing time is normally 5 to 10 working days of submission.

If approved, student will be issued a Letter of Permission (downloadable from Minerva) and the student's McGill record will be updated to “Term Away” (summer term).

Change a course (add/drop) a course (only if Minerva cannot be used to add-drop). Course change form [.doc]
You are a non-Law McGill student who wants to take a course at the Faculty of Law. Application to register for law courses for McGill students (rev 2014) [.doc]


Verify your degree requirements (degree audit) and complete surveys after receiving Advising.
Graduating? Complete the CDO Graduation Survey
Provide advising feedback on your recent appointment with a member of the SAO or CDO

Majors and Minors

As part of a Major, take an outside course at another law Faculty or a non-law course at McGill or another university.

(For courses at an institution in Quebec, you must go through CREPUQ)

Outside credits form for students in a major [.doc]
Apply for a Minor at McGill's Faculties of Arts or Science. Application for a Minor [.doc]
Apply for one of the two Major programs at the McGill Law, which are offered in Commercial Negotiation, and in International Human Rights and Development. Application for a Major [.doc]
Completing a Major Internship and Mid-Term Final Report Major Internships mid-term and final reports – 2008-2009 [.doc]

Honours Program

Apply for the Law Faculty's Honours Program. Honours application form [.doc]
Complete Thesis Proposal and Literature Review Honours Thesis I (WRIT 450) Report [.doc]
Complete Thesis Research Report Honours Thesis II (WRIT 451) Report [.doc]
Complete Honours Thesis. Honours Thesis III (WRIT 452) Report [.doc]

Essay Forms

Students need to read the “Policy on the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects” [.pdf] if they plan on holding interviews as part of the essay research. This statement can also be viewed on McGill's Secretariat's Policies on Research page.

Use the Faculty of Law cover page for your written works. Cover page for written work [.doc]
Apply to write a Term Essay.

When deciding on the subject of your term essay, look at essay contests posted on this site and elsewhere. This may help select your subject and provide an opportunity to compete in various contests.
Starting winter 2013, the new SAO Term Authorization online form [web]. Please make sure to have your outline, bibliography and table of contents ready in a single file.
Apply to write a Senior Essay.
Senior essay authorization form [.doc]
Senior essay tracking form [.doc]
Apply for a one-credit Writing and Drafting Project (WRIT 520) Writing and Drafting Project (WRIT 520) authorization form (2012) [.doc]

Internships, Clerkships, and Legal Clinic

Apply for a Human Rights Internship (WRIT 020). Human Rights Internships Essay Authorization Form (WRIT 020) [.doc]
Apply to student clerk at a court or administrative tribunal, or at one of the Montreal Courts. Student Clerkship application form (2013) [.doc]
Apply for the Legal Clinic Course. McGill Legal Clinic course application booklet 2013-2014 [.pdf] (rev. 25 Mar)
Write up your Student Court and Administrative Tribunal Clerkship report. Clerkship Final Reports - 2011-2012 [.doc]

Prizes and scholarships

Nominate yourself or a fellow student for a prize or scholarship. Now closed for 2013. Discretionary prizes online application form [web]
Apply for a post-graduate scholarship or travelling fellowship. (students will need to provide an updated CV with a projected budget, and get two respondents to email PDF letters of recommendation) Post-graduate scholarships online application form [web]
Apply for the Johnston Medal for outstanding contribution (graduating students). Students who graduate in the top 10% of their cohort are encouraged to submit this application form. Principal David Johnston Medal for Contribution online application form [web]


Book an event at the law Faculty. SAO online room bookings [web]
Apply for after-hours access to McGill Law buildings. After Hours Access [.doc]
Request to view your student file at the SAO Request to view your student file [.doc]