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LL.M. Project Proposal, Supervision, Residence Tracking

Assignment of supervisors

Faculty supervisors for all LL.M. students are assigned by the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, in conjunction with the Associate Dean Research and Institute Directors, and are chosen based on the student’s background and interests and on the professor’s mentoring and guidance capacities with respect to the particular student. Students are provided with an opportunity to submit an abstract and names of professors who might serve as potential supervisors.

Required and elective credits

Each LL.M. program has its own requirements, but students always have elective credits for which they can choose their courses. Upon arrival, students create their own custom-built LL.M. with the help of the Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) of the Faculty of Law.


All LL.M. programs (Thesis or Non-Thesis), whatever the options or the specializations chosen, normally require three full-time terms of residence in Montreal. We have prepared a typical LL.M. student calendar to give students a broad idea of how a program typically progresses. Full fees are charged for each of the three full-time terms. Additional terms are charged at a lower level.


PDF icon LL.M. information session [.pdf] (Jan. 2016) - Summer registration, third term of residency, and submission of thesis and non-thesis research project

LL.M. forms and protocols

Below are the required documents that indicate the progress of LL.M. students with respect to their Master's theses or projects / essays.

LL.M. theses and essays

PDF icon Master's Thesis Protocol Proposal [.pdf]
PDF icon Master's Research Project (non-thesis) Protocol Proposal [.pdf]

LL.M. tracking

Graduate Student Progress Report Form [.pdf]
Regulations on graduate student research progress tracking [.pdf]
Policies and guidelines on graduate student advising and supervision [.pdf]

LLM thesis submission

Policy on securing thesis examiners [.pdf] (new March 2015)
Thesis submission guidelines, deadlines, and forms (jump to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies)