Master's Programs in Law (LL.M.)

Master's students in the Faculty of Law may select a general LL.M. program that offers maximum flexibility, or an interdisciplinary program in Environmental Studies, European Studies or Bioethics. Alternatively, they may follow one of the LL.M. programs offered within the Institute for Comparative Law or the Institute of Air and Space Law (see table below).

Our LL.M. options

Faculty of LawInstitute of Comparative LawInstitute of Air and Space Law
  • Law LL.M. (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
  • Environment (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
  • Bioethics (Thesis)

    Program Information

See Our Institutes for Graduate Studies page for a more detailed explanation of our Institutes.

Thesis vs. Non-thesis

All LL.M. students do substantial research and writing under the supervision of a Faculty professor, in addition to coursework. It is the proportional balance between writing and coursework that distinguishes LL.M. Thesis programs from LL.M. Non-Thesis programs. Our Thesis and Non-Thesis options page explains this in greater detail.