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DCL Proposal, Tracking, Comprehensives and Thesis Defense

Your time as a doctoral student is carefully structured, thereby ensuring adequate support of your progress by the Faculty of Law and by McGill University.

First year: research proposal

In your first year as a D.C.L. candidate at the Faculty of Law, you will submit a detailed research proposal, prepared under the guidance of your supervisor. You will also be asked to develop a timeline, to be updated and submitted each year throughout your program. See the protocol and proposal forms below.

Second year: advisory committee, comprehensive exam

In the second year, an Advisory Thesis Committee will be created for you. The two professors on that Committee will read and evaluate a sample of your doctoral writing in the context of a comprehensive exam scheduled in your third or fourth term at McGill. See the comprehensive exam forms below.

During that comprehensive exam, you will have an opportunity to present your project and timeline, and to discuss your ideas and progress with professorial colleagues. From then on, you will complete and submit an annual tracking form, signed by your supervisor and members of your Advisory Thesis Committee. See the tracking forms below.

Third year: DCL seminar (Students admitted as of Fall 2014)

This will be a non-credited course for which DCL students must register no later than the first term of their fourth year in the DCL program (DCL 5). Students who have progressed significantly in their thesis research, analysis and writing by their third year should register in that year of the DCL program (DCL 4). Students will be advised to consult with their respective supervisors and committees as to the propriety of timing the seminar.

Initial thesis submission

For information regarding initial thesis submission and related forms, see Initial e-Thesis submission.  Also consult Thesis guidelines in preparation of your thesis.

When securing your thesis examiners, please consult the Policy on securing thesis examiners below.

Defense and final submission

Your defence will be scheduled by the Graduate Programs Office at the Faculty of Law, and will depend on the availabilities of all participants.  For more information, see Doctoral oral defence.

Following a successful defence, doctoral candidates are informed of the deadline for final submission of the dissertation. For more information, see Final thesis submission.


D.C.L. Thesis Protocol and Proposal

D.C.L. Progress Tracking

D.C.L. Comprehensive exam

D.C.L. Seminar

D.C.L. Thesis Submission